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Package checksum provides functions for adding/removing checksums from supplied Trytes.



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func AddChecksum

func AddChecksum(input Trytes, isAddress bool, checksumLength uint64) (Trytes, error)

AddChecksum computes the checksum and returns the given trytes with the appended checksum. If isAddress is true, then the input trytes must be of length HashTrytesSize. Specified checksum length must be at least MinChecksumTrytesSize long or it must be AddressChecksumTrytesSize if isAddress is true.

func AddChecksums

func AddChecksums(inputs []Trytes, isAddress bool, checksumLength uint64) ([]Trytes, error)

AddChecksums is a wrapper function around AddChecksum for multiple trytes strings.

func RemoveChecksum

func RemoveChecksum(input Trytes) (Trytes, error)

RemoveChecksum removes the checksum from the given trytes. The input trytes must be of length HashTrytesSize or AddressWithChecksumTrytesSize.

func RemoveChecksums

func RemoveChecksums(inputs []Trytes) ([]Trytes, error)

RemoveChecksums is a wrapper function around RemoveChecksum for multiple trytes strings.


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