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Package miner implements LoveBlock block creation and mining.



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type Agent

type Agent interface {
	Work() chan<- *Work
	SetReturnCh(chan<- *Result)

Agent can register themself with the worker

type Backend

type Backend interface {
	AccountManager() *accounts.Manager
	BlockChain() *core.BlockChain
	TxPool() *core.TxPool
	ChainDb() lovedb.Database

sman 封装挖矿用的所有方法 Backend wraps all methods required for mining.

type CpuAgent

type CpuAgent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewCpuAgent

func NewCpuAgent(chain consensus.ChainReader, engine consensus.Engine) *CpuAgent

func (*CpuAgent) SetReturnCh

func (self *CpuAgent) SetReturnCh(ch chan<- *Result)

func (*CpuAgent) Start

func (self *CpuAgent) Start()

func (*CpuAgent) Stop

func (self *CpuAgent) Stop()

func (*CpuAgent) Work

func (self *CpuAgent) Work() chan<- *Work

type Miner

type Miner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Miner creates blocks and searches for proof-of-work values.

func New

func New(network Backend, config *params.ChainConfig, mux *event.TypeMux, engine consensus.Engine) *Miner

func (*Miner) CoinBase

func (self *Miner) CoinBase() common.Address

func (*Miner) Mining

func (self *Miner) Mining() bool

func (*Miner) Pending

func (self *Miner) Pending() (*types.Block, *state.StateDB)

Pending returns the currently pending block and associated state.

func (*Miner) PendingBlock

func (self *Miner) PendingBlock() *types.Block

PendingBlock returns the currently pending block.

Note, to access both the pending block and the pending state simultaneously, please use Pending(), as the pending state can change between multiple method calls

func (*Miner) Register

func (self *Miner) Register(agent Agent)

func (*Miner) SetExtra

func (self *Miner) SetExtra(extra []byte) error

func (*Miner) SetLovebase

func (self *Miner) SetLovebase(addr common.Address)

func (*Miner) SetStarNodeFlag

func (self *Miner) SetStarNodeFlag()

func (*Miner) Start

func (self *Miner) Start(coinbase common.Address)

func (*Miner) Stop

func (self *Miner) Stop()

func (*Miner) Unregister

func (self *Miner) Unregister(agent Agent)

type RemoteAgent

type RemoteAgent struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewRemoteAgent

func NewRemoteAgent(chain consensus.ChainReader, engine consensus.Engine) *RemoteAgent

func (*RemoteAgent) GetHashRate

func (a *RemoteAgent) GetHashRate() (tot int64)

GetHashRate returns the accumulated hashrate of all identifier combined

func (*RemoteAgent) SetReturnCh

func (a *RemoteAgent) SetReturnCh(returnCh chan<- *Result)

func (*RemoteAgent) Start

func (a *RemoteAgent) Start()

func (*RemoteAgent) Stop

func (a *RemoteAgent) Stop()

func (*RemoteAgent) SubmitHashrate

func (a *RemoteAgent) SubmitHashrate(id common.Hash, rate uint64)

func (*RemoteAgent) Work

func (a *RemoteAgent) Work() chan<- *Work

type Result

type Result struct {
	Work  *Work
	Block *types.Block

type Work

type Work struct {
	Block *types.Block // the new block
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Work is the workers current environment and holds all of the current state information

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