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Welcome to Glabby repository

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Glabby is a CLI to interact with your pipeline (Make complience to block jobs in pipeline...)


Pre-Requisites   |    Description   |    How to contribute

Getting Started

If you want use this repository you need to make a git clone:

git clone --depth 1 -b master

This will give access on your local machine.


To this project you yeed:


  • Git.
  • Golang 1.13.
  • Docker and Docker Compose.


  • NPM | Yarn (package tool)
  • Install Packages
    • Husky
    • Commitlint
    • Commitizen
    • Standard-Version


This project builds a simple CLI to interact with your GitLab pipeline.


go get


   ____   _           _       _
  / ___| | |   __ _  | |__   | |__    _   _
 | |  _  | |  / _` | | '_ \  | '_ \  | | | |
 | |_| | | | | (_| | | |_) | | |_) | | |_| |
  \____| |_|  \__,_| |_.__/  |_.__/   \__, |

Glabby is a CLI library to interact with your pipeline and make/analyze some stuffs.

  glabby [command]

Available Commands:
  compliance  Run compliance in pipeline
  help        Help about any command
  version     Version outputs the version of CLI

  -h, --help      help for glabby
  -s, --silence   enable silence mod without logs in stdout terminal.

Use "glabby [command] --help" for more information about a command.
   ____   _           _       _
  / ___| | |   __ _  | |__   | |__    _   _
 | |  _  | |  / _` | | '_ \  | '_ \  | | | |
 | |_| | | | | (_| | | |_) | | |_) | | |_| |
  \____| |_|  \__,_| |_.__/  |_.__/   \__, |

Compliance to your GitLab pipeline.

  glabby compliance [command]

  compliance, c

Available Commands:
  sonar       Run sonar compliance
  speedio     Run speedio compliance

  -h, --help   help for compliance

Global Flags:
  -s, --silence   enable silence mod without logs in stdout terminal.

Use "glabby compliance [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Commit Lint

We all did bad commit messages. Lucky us, Conventional Commits specification exists, and with it a set of powerful tools to help us.

To enforce a standard every time we make a commit, we have husky and commitlint. Husky listen to git hooks, and we will use it to trigger the commitlint when we type a commit message.

Commitizen is a package that makes it easier to create commit messages following the previous specification.

  • husky
  • commitlint
  • commitizen


OBS: Required .git folder in project

  • .git in folder
  • Node
  • yarn | npm

Install by default package.json:

yarn install

Manual Installment:

yarn init -y

yarn add @commitlint/config-conventional @commitlint/cli husky commitizen -D

echo module.exports = {extends: ['@commitlint/config-conventional']} > commitlint.config.js

add configuration in package.json:

"husky": {
    "hooks": {
        "commit-msg": "commitlint -E HUSKY_GIT_PARAMS"
"config": {
    "commitizen": {
        "path": "./node_modules/cz-conventional-changelog"


with dependencies already installed, commits that do not follow the semmantic commit rules will be automatically blocked in the development environment

C:\>  git add .
C:\>  git commit -m "commit"

husky > commit-msg (node v12.14.0)
⧗   input: commit
✖   subject may not be empty [subject-empty]
✖   type may not be empty [type-empty]

✖   found 2 problems, 0 warnings
ⓘ   Get help:

husky > commit-msg hook failed (add --no-verify to bypass)

using the commitzen, previously installed, an auxiliary service will be available to build the commits

C:\>  git add .
C:\>  npm run commit

cz-cli@4.0.3, cz-conventional-changelog@3.2.0

? Select the type of change that you're committing: (Use arrow keys)
> feat:     A new feature
  fix:      A bug fix
  docs:     Documentation only changes
  style:    Changes that do not affect the meaning of the code (white-space, formatting, missing semi-colons, etc)
  refactor: A code change that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature
  perf:     A code change that improves performance
  test:     Adding missing tests or correcting existing tests
  build:    Changes that affect the build system or external dependencies (example scopes: gulp, broccoli, npm)
  ci:       Changes to our CI configuration files and scripts (example scopes: Travis, Circle, BrowserStack, SauceLabs) 
  chore:    Other changes that don't modify src or test files
  revert:   Reverts a previous commit

Standard version

Once you have conventional commits, you can make use of them with the next tool. Standard-version will usually do the following things:

  • updates semantic version according to the scope of changes described in the commits
  • updates file with the new version and list of changes
  • commits both changes and tags them with the new version


Container Image Linter for Security, Helping build the Best-Practice Docker Image, Easy to start

Dockle helps you:

  1. Build Best Practice Docker images
  2. Build secure Docker images



# if you'd like to use 80 port, use NonSSL
export DOCKLE_NON_SSL=true

Run command:

dockle --username ${DOCKLE_USERNAME} --password ${DOCKLE_PASSWORD} -o results.json -f json -c 1 -l warn -d registry

For more information access Dockle.

How to contribute

  1. Make a Fork.
  2. Follow the project organization.
  3. Add the file to the appropriate level folder - If the folder does not exist, create according to the standard.
  4. Make the Commit.
  5. Open a Pull Request.
  6. Wait for your pull request to be accepted.. 🚀

Remember: There is no bad code, there are different views/versions of solving the same problem. 😊

Add to git and push

You must send the project to your GitHub after the modifications

git add -f .
git commit -m "Added - Fixing somethings"
git push origin master



Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


👤 Lucca Pessoa

Hey!! If you like this project or if you find some bugs feel free to contact me in my channels:

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Project Status

  • ✔️ Finish

Make with ❤️ by Lucca Pessoa :wave:


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