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var (
	// Transport is an ImageTransport for OCI directories.
	Transport = ociTransport{}

	// ErrMoreThanOneImage is an error returned when the manifest includes
	// more than one image and the user should choose which one to use.
	ErrMoreThanOneImage = errors.New("more than one image in oci, choose an image")


func LoadManifestDescriptor

func LoadManifestDescriptor(imgRef types.ImageReference) (imgspecv1.Descriptor, error)

LoadManifestDescriptor loads the manifest descriptor to be used to retrieve the image name when pulling an image

func NewReference

func NewReference(dir, image string) (types.ImageReference, error)

NewReference returns an OCI reference for a directory and a image.

We do not expose an API supplying the resolvedDir; we could, but recomputing it is generally cheap enough that we prefer being confident about the properties of resolvedDir.

func ParseReference

func ParseReference(reference string) (types.ImageReference, error)

ParseReference converts a string, which should not start with the ImageTransport.Name prefix, into an OCI ImageReference.


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