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const (
	APICallLatencyFilePrefix    = "artifacts/APIResponsiveness_"
	PodStartupLatencyFilePrefix = "artifacts/PodStartupLatency_"

Path prefixes for the metrics files we want to scrape.


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func GetMetricsFilePathsForRun

func GetMetricsFilePathsForRun(job string, run int, utils util.JobLogUtils) map[string][]string

GetMetricsFilePathsForRun for a given run of a job, returns a map of testname ("load", "density", etc) to a list of paths to its latency files (API responsiveness, pod startup) relative to the run's root dir.

func GetMetricsForRun

func GetMetricsForRun(job string, run int, utils util.JobLogUtils) map[string][]perftype.PerfData

GetMetricsForRun for a given run of a job, returns a map of testname ("load", "density", etc) to a list of its latency metrics (API responsiveness, pod startup) in perfType.PerfData format.

func GetMetricsForRuns

func GetMetricsForRuns(job string, runs []int, utils util.JobLogUtils) []map[string][]perftype.PerfData

GetMetricsForRuns is a wrapper for calling GetMetricsForRun on multiple runs returning an array of the obtained results. Neglects runs whose metrics could not be fetched. Note: This does best-effort scraping, returning as much as could be scraped, without any error.


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