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func CreateMetaNamespaceKey

func CreateMetaNamespaceKey(obj runtime.Object) (string, error)

CreateMetaNamespaceKey returns meta key (namespace/name) for given runtime object.

func GetIsPodUpdatedPredicateFromRuntimeObject

func GetIsPodUpdatedPredicateFromRuntimeObject(obj runtime.Object) (func(*corev1.Pod) bool, error)

GetIsPodUpdatedPredicateFromRuntimeObject returns a func(*corev1.Pod) bool predicate that can be used to check if given pod represents the desired state of pod.

func GetNameFromRuntimeObject

func GetNameFromRuntimeObject(obj runtime.Object) (string, error)

GetNameFromRuntimeObject returns name of given runtime object.

func GetNamespaceFromRuntimeObject

func GetNamespaceFromRuntimeObject(obj runtime.Object) (string, error)

GetNamespaceFromRuntimeObject returns namespace of given runtime object.

func GetNumObjectsMatchingSelector

func GetNumObjectsMatchingSelector(c dynamic.Interface, namespace string, resource schema.GroupVersionResource, labelSelector labels.Selector) (int, error)

GetNumObjectsMatchingSelector returns number of objects matching the given selector.

func GetReplicasFromRuntimeObject

func GetReplicasFromRuntimeObject(c clientset.Interface, obj runtime.Object) (int32, error)

GetReplicasFromRuntimeObject returns replicas number from given runtime object.

func GetResourceVersionFromRuntimeObject

func GetResourceVersionFromRuntimeObject(obj runtime.Object) (uint64, error)

GetResourceVersionFromRuntimeObject returns resource version of given runtime object.

func GetSelectorFromRuntimeObject

func GetSelectorFromRuntimeObject(obj runtime.Object) (labels.Selector, error)

GetSelectorFromRuntimeObject returns selector of given runtime object.

func GetSpecFromRuntimeObject

func GetSpecFromRuntimeObject(obj runtime.Object) (interface{}, error)

GetSpecFromRuntimeObject returns spec of given runtime object.

func IsEqualRuntimeObjectsSpec

func IsEqualRuntimeObjectsSpec(runtimeObj1, runtimeObj2 runtime.Object) (bool, error)

IsEqualRuntimeObjectsSpec returns true if given runtime objects have identical specs.

func ListRuntimeObjectsForKind

func ListRuntimeObjectsForKind(d dynamic.Interface, gvr schema.GroupVersionResource, kind, namespace, labelSelector, fieldSelector string) ([]runtime.Object, error)

ListRuntimeObjectsForKind returns objects of given kind that satisfy given namespace, labelSelector and fieldSelector.


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