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func CalculateDistance

func CalculateDistance(p1, p2 Vector2D) float64

CalculateDistance function calculates the distance between two points

func GetBaseURL

func GetBaseURL() string

GetBaseURL function retrieves the base url to be used while redirecting requests

func GetHostname

func GetHostname() string

GetHostname function gets the name of host to be used while obtaining telemetry data

func Hypotenuse

func Hypotenuse(a, b float64) float64

Hypotenuse function returns the hypotenuse of a triangle

func ProcessJSON

func ProcessJSON(data []byte) []byte

ProcessJSON function process the JSON returned by server to a golang readable format

func SetHostname

func SetHostname(newHostname string)

SetHostname function sets the hostname to be used while performing queries


type Vector2D

type Vector2D struct {
	X float64
	Y float64

Vector2D is a bidimensional vector

func GetVector2D

func GetVector2D(x, y float64) Vector2D

GetVector2D function returns the 2D vector to the specified coordinates

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