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func CalculateDistanceInKm

func CalculateDistanceInKm(obj1, obj2 *mapobjects.MapObjects) float64

CalculateDistanceInKm gets the distance in kilometers between two objects

func GetAlliesColor

func GetAlliesColor(mo []mapobjects.MapObjects) (color string)

GetAlliesColor function gets the color of allied players

func GetCurrentPlayer

func GetCurrentPlayer(mo []mapobjects.MapObjects) (*mapobjects.MapObjects, error)

GetCurrentPlayer function gets the current player

func GetGamechatData

func GetGamechatData() (gc []gamechat.GameChat, err error)

GetGamechatData retrieves data about gamechat

func GetHudMessagesData

func GetHudMessagesData() (messages *hudmsg.Hudmsg, err error)

GetHudMessagesData function retrieves all messages from HUD

func GetIndicatorsData

func GetIndicatorsData() (id *indicators.Indicators, err error)

GetIndicatorsData function retrieves data about aircraft indicators

func GetMapInfoData

func GetMapInfoData() (mi *mapinfo.MapInformation, err error)

GetMapInfoData function retrieves information about current map

func GetMapObjsData

func GetMapObjsData() (mo []mapobjects.MapObjects, err error)

GetMapObjsData function retrives data about all map objects

func GetMissionData

func GetMissionData() (mi *mission.MissionInfo, err error)

GetMissionData function retrieves data about running missions

func GetStateData

func GetStateData() (st *state.AircraftState, err error)

GetStateData function retrieves data about running missions

func IsAircraft

func IsAircraft(object *mapobjects.MapObjects) bool

IsAircraft function determines if an object is of type aircraft

func IsCurrentPlayer

func IsCurrentPlayer(object *mapobjects.MapObjects) bool

IsCurrentPlayer function determines if current object is the current player

func IsEnemy

func IsEnemy(object *mapobjects.MapObjects, mo []mapobjects.MapObjects) (bool, error)

IsEnemy function checks if the specified map object is an enemy object


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