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auto enables serving zone data from an RFC 1035-style master file which is automatically picked up from disk.

The auto middleware is used for an "old-style" DNS server. It serves from a preloaded file that exists on disk. If the zone file contains signatures (i.e. is signed, i.e. DNSSEC) correct DNSSEC answers are returned. Only NSEC is supported! If you use this setup you are responsible for resigning the zonefile. New zones or changed zone are automatically picked up from disk.


auto [ZONES...] {
    upstream ADDRESS...

ZONES zones it should be authoritative for. If empty, the zones from the configuration block are used.

  • directory loads zones from the speficied DIR. If a file name matches REGEXP it will be used to extract the origin. ORIGIN_TEMPLATE will be used as a template for the origin. Strings like {<number>} are replaced with the respective matches in the file name, i.e. {1} is the first match, {2} is the second, etc.. The default is: db\.(.*) {1} e.g. from a file with the name, the extracted origin will be TIMEOUT specifies how often CoreDNS should scan the directory, the default is every 60 seconds. This value is in seconds. The minimum value is 1 second.
  • no_reload by default CoreDNS will reload a zone from disk whenever it detects a change to the file. This option disables that behavior.
  • upstream defines upstream resolvers to be used resolve external names found (think CNAMEs) pointing to external names. ADDRESS can be an IP address, and IP:port or a string pointing to a file that is structured as /etc/resolv.conf.

All directives from the file middleware are supported. Note that auto will load all zones found, even though the directive might only receive queries for a specific zone. I.e:

auto {
    directory /etc/coredns/zones

Will happily pick up a zone for example.COM, except it will never be queried, because the auto directive only is authoritative for example.ORG.


Load org domains from /etc/coredns/zones/org and allow transfers to the internet, but send notifies to

auto org {
    directory /etc/coredns/zones/org
    transfer to *
    transfer to

Load org domains from /etc/coredns/zones/org and looks for file names as, where is the origin. Scan every 45 seconds.

auto org {
    directory /etc/coredns/zones/org www\.db\.(.*) {1} 45



Package auto implements an on-the-fly loading file backend.

Package auto implements a on-the-fly loading file backend.



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type Auto

type Auto struct {
	Next middleware.Handler
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Auto holds the zones and the loader configuration for automatically loading zones.

func (Auto) Name

func (a Auto) Name() string

Name implements the Handler interface.

func (Auto) ServeDNS

func (a Auto) ServeDNS(ctx context.Context, w dns.ResponseWriter, r *dns.Msg) (int, error)

ServeDNS implements the middleware.Handle interface.

func (Auto) Walk

func (a Auto) Walk() error

Walk will recursively walk of the file under and adds the one that match

type Zones

type Zones struct {
	Z map[string]*file.Zone // A map mapping zone (origin) to the Zone's data.

	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Zones maps zone names to a *Zone. This keep track of what we zones we have loaded at any one time.

func (*Zones) Add

func (z *Zones) Add(zo *file.Zone, name string)

Add adds a new zone into z. If zo.NoReload is false, the reload goroutine is started.

func (*Zones) Names

func (z *Zones) Names() []string

Names returns the names from z.

func (*Zones) Origins

func (z *Zones) Origins() []string

Origins returns the origins from z.

func (*Zones) Remove

func (z *Zones) Remove(name string)

Remove removes the zone named name from z. It also stop the the zone's reload goroutine.

func (*Zones) Zones

func (z *Zones) Zones(name string) *file.Zone

Zones returns a zone with origin name from z, nil when not found.

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