Package migration implements migration API to be called by CQDaemon.

    The package is meant to be deleted after migration to CV is over. TODO(cbrug/1141880): delete this package.



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    type FinishedRun

    type FinishedRun struct {
    	// ID is ID of this Run in CV.
    	ID common.RunID `gae:"$id"`
    	// Status is the final Run Status. MUST be one of the terminal statuses.
    	Status run.Status `gae:",noindex"`
    	// EndTime is the time when this Run ends.
    	EndTime time.Time `gae:",noindex"`
    	// The Attempt proto as sent by CQDaemon
    	// This includes tryjobs and other fields that will be sent to the
    	// BQ table after any attempt to submit CLs.
    	Attempt *cvbqpb.Attempt
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      FinishedRun contains info about a finished Run reported by CQDaemon.

      type MigrationServer

      type MigrationServer struct {

      func (*MigrationServer) FetchActiveRuns

        FetchActiveRuns returns all RUNNING runs for the given LUCI Project.

        func (*MigrationServer) ReportFinishedRun

        func (m *MigrationServer) ReportFinishedRun(ctx context.Context, req *migrationpb.ReportFinishedRunRequest) (resp *empty.Empty, err error)

          ReportFinishedRun notifies CV of the Run CQDaemon has just finalized.

          func (*MigrationServer) ReportRuns

          func (m *MigrationServer) ReportRuns(ctx context.Context, req *migrationpb.ReportRunsRequest) (resp *empty.Empty, err error)

            ReportRuns notifies CV of the Runs CQDaemon is currently working with.

            Used to determine whether CV's view of the world matches that of CQDaemon. Initially, this is just FYI for CV.

            func (*MigrationServer) ReportUsedNetrc

            func (m *MigrationServer) ReportUsedNetrc(ctx context.Context, req *migrationpb.ReportUsedNetrcRequest) (resp *empty.Empty, err error)


            Path Synopsis
            package migrationcfg contains config-related CQD migration funcs.
            package migrationcfg contains config-related CQD migration funcs.