Package deriver implements a binary that hosts luci.resultdb.v1.Deriver service.



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    func DeriveChromiumInvocation

      DeriveChromiumInvocation derives the Invocation proto from the given task and request.

      The derived Invocation will be written by the caller.

      func FetchOutputJSON

      func FetchOutputJSON(ctx context.Context, isoClient *isolatedclient.Client, outputs map[string]isolated.File) ([]byte, error)

        FetchOutputJSON fetches the output.json given the outputs map, updating it in-place to mark the file as processed.

        func GetInvocationID

          GetInvocationID gets the ID of the invocation associated with a task and swarming service.

          func GetOriginTask

            GetOriginTask gets the swarming task of which the given task is a dupe, or itself if it isn't.

            func GetOutputs

              GetOutputs gets the map of isolated.Files associated with the given task.

              func GetSwarmSvc

              func GetSwarmSvc(cl *http.Client, swarmingURL string) (*swarmingAPI.Service, error)

                GetSwarmSvc gets a swarming service for the given URL.

                func GetSwarmingTask

                func GetSwarmingTask(ctx context.Context, taskID string, swarmSvc *swarmingAPI.Service) (*swarmingAPI.SwarmingRpcsTaskResult, error)

                  GetSwarmingTask fetches the task from swarming, annotating errors with gRPC codes as needed.

                  func InitServer

                  func InitServer(srv *server.Server, opt Options)

                    InitServer initializes a deriver server.


                    type Options

                    type Options struct {
                    	// BigQuery table that the derived invocations should be exported to.
                    	InvBQTable *pb.BigQueryExport
                    	// Duration since invocation creation after which to delete expected test
                    	// results.
                    	ExpectedResultsExpiration time.Duration

                      Options is deriver server configuration.

                      type TestResult

                      type TestResult struct {
                      	Artifacts []*pb.Artifact

                        TestResult combines test result with the associated artifacts.

                        func DeriveTestResults

                          DeriveTestResults derives the protos with the data from the given task and request.

                          The derived Invocation and TestResult protos will be written by the caller.


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