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var AllFields = mask.All(&pb.TestResult{})

    AllFields is a field mask that selects all TestResults fields.


    func ListMask

    func ListMask(readMask *field_mask.FieldMask) (*mask.Mask, error)

      ListMask returns mask.Mask converted from field_mask.FieldMask. It returns a default mask with all fields except summary_html if readMask is empty.

      func MustParseName

      func MustParseName(name string) (invID invocations.ID, testID, resultID string)

        MustParseName retrieves the invocation ID, unescaped test id, and result ID.

        Panics if the name is invalid. Should be used only with trusted data.

        MustParseName is faster than pbutil.ParseTestResultName.

        func PopulateDurationField

        func PopulateDurationField(tr *pb.TestResult, micros spanner.NullInt64)

          PopulateDurationField populates tr.Duration from NullInt64.

          func PopulateExpectedField

          func PopulateExpectedField(tr *pb.TestResult, maybeUnexpected spanner.NullBool)

            PopulateExpectedField populates tr.Expected from NullBool.

            func PopulateVariantParams

            func PopulateVariantParams(params map[string]interface{}, variantPredicate *pb.VariantPredicate)

              PopulateVariantParams populates variantHashEquals and variantContains parameters based on the predicate.

              func Read

              func Read(ctx context.Context, name string) (*pb.TestResult, error)

                Read reads specified TestResult within the transaction. If the TestResult does not exist, the returned error is annotated with NotFound GRPC code.


                type Query

                type Query struct {
                	InvocationIDs invocations.IDSet
                	Predicate     *pb.TestResultPredicate
                	PageSize      int // must be positive
                	PageToken     string
                	Mask          *mask.Mask

                  Query specifies test results to fetch.

                  func (*Query) Fetch

                  func (q *Query) Fetch(ctx context.Context) (trs []*pb.TestResult, nextPageToken string, err error)

                    Fetch returns a page of test results matching q. Returned test results are ordered by parent invocation ID, test ID and result ID.

                    func (*Query) Run

                    func (q *Query) Run(ctx context.Context, f func(*pb.TestResult) error) error

                      Run calls f for test results matching the query. The test results are ordered by parent invocation ID, test ID and result ID.