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func AssertUTC

func AssertUTC(t time.Time)

AssertUTC panics if t is not UTC.

func CommonPostlude

func CommonPostlude(ctx context.Context, methodName string, rsp proto.Message, err error) error

CommonPostlude must be used as a postlude in all ResultDB services.

Extracts a status using appstatus and returns to the requester. If the error is internal or unknown, logs the stack trace.

func IsolateURL

func IsolateURL(host, ns, digest string) string

IsolateURL returns a machine-readable URL for an isolated object.

func Main

func Main(init func(srv *server.Server) error)

Main registers all dependencies and runs a service.

func MustGetContextHTTPClient

func MustGetContextHTTPClient(ctx context.Context) *http.Client

MustGetContextHTTPClient retrieves the current http.client from the context.

func ParseIsolateURL

func ParseIsolateURL(s string) (host, ns, digest string, err error)

ParseIsolateURL parses an isolate URL. It is a reverse of IsolateURL.

func WithSelfTransport

func WithSelfTransport(ctx context.Context) (context.Context, error)

WithSelfTransport sets an http client in the context using the service's own authroity. WARNING: Use this only when using auth.AsProject is not possible, as using this to authorize RPCs that touch project data leads to "confused deputy" problems.

func WithTestHTTPClient

func WithTestHTTPClient(ctx context.Context, client *http.Client) context.Context

WithTestHTTPClient sets the supplied http client in the context for testing.

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