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Published: Aug 13, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
acl Package acl implements ACLs for enforcement in API and UI.
apiservers Package apiservers implements gRPC APIs exposed by Scheduler service.
catalog Package catalog implements a part that talks to luci-config service to fetch and parse job definitions.
engine Package engine implements the core logic of the scheduler service.
engine/dsset Package dsset implements a particular flavor of datastore-backed set.
engine/policy Package policy contains implementation of triggering policy functions.
frontend Binary frontend implements GAE web server for luci-scheduler service.
internal Package internal contains internal structs used by the tasks and the engine.
presentation Package presentation implements common method to API and UI serving.
task Package task defines interface between Scheduler engine and implementations of particular tasks (such as URL fetch tasks, Swarming tasks, DM tasks, etc).
task/buildbucket Package buildbucket implements tasks that run Buildbucket jobs.
task/noop Package noop implements tasks that do nothing at all.
task/urlfetch Package urlfetch implements tasks that just make HTTP calls.
task/utils Package utils contains a bunch of small functions used by task/ subpackages.
ui Package ui implements request handlers that serve user facing HTML pages.