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Published: Aug 13, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package rpc contains rpc service implementation.



const (
	TagNew tagValidationMode = iota

func NewBuilders

func NewBuilders() pb.BuildersServer

NewBuilders returns a new pb.BuildersServer.

func NewBuilds

func NewBuilds() pb.BuildsServer

NewBuilds returns a new pb.BuildsServer.

type Builders

type Builders struct{}

Builders implements pb.BuildersServer.

func (*Builders) GetBuilder

func (*Builders) GetBuilder(ctx context.Context, req *pb.GetBuilderRequest) (*pb.BuilderItem, error)

GetBuilder handles a request to retrieve a builder. Implements pb.BuildersServer.

func (*Builders) ListBuilders

func (*Builders) ListBuilders(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ListBuildersRequest) (*pb.ListBuildersResponse, error)

ListBuilders handles a request to retrieve builders. Implements pb.BuildersServer.

type Builds

type Builds struct {

Builds implements pb.BuildsServer.

func (*Builds) Batch

func (*Builds) Batch(ctx context.Context, req *pb.BatchRequest) (*pb.BatchResponse, error)

Batch handles a batch request. Implements pb.BuildsServer.

func (*Builds) CancelBuild

func (*Builds) CancelBuild(ctx context.Context, req *pb.CancelBuildRequest) (*pb.Build, error)

CancelBuild handles a request to cancel a build. Implements pb.BuildsServer.

func (*Builds) GetBuild

func (*Builds) GetBuild(ctx context.Context, req *pb.GetBuildRequest) (*pb.Build, error)

GetBuild handles a request to retrieve a build. Implements pb.BuildsServer.

func (*Builds) ScheduleBuild

func (*Builds) ScheduleBuild(ctx context.Context, req *pb.ScheduleBuildRequest) (*pb.Build, error)

ScheduleBuild handles a request to schedule a build. Implements pb.BuildsServer.

func (*Builds) SearchBuilds

func (*Builds) SearchBuilds(ctx context.Context, req *pb.SearchBuildsRequest) (*pb.SearchBuildsResponse, error)

SearchBuilds handles a request to search for builds. Implements pb.BuildsServer.

func (*Builds) UpdateBuild

func (*Builds) UpdateBuild(ctx context.Context, req *pb.UpdateBuildRequest) (*pb.Build, error)

UpdateBuild handles a request to update a build. Implements pb.UpdateBuild.

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