This directory should be used for libraries that store, organize or manipulate data, as opposed to providing behavior.

The following sub-directories exist:

  • rand - random and pseudorandom number libraries
  • text - text processing/manipulation
  • caching - data caching
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Path Synopsis
base128 Package base128 implements base128 encoding and decoding.
caching/cache Package cache implements both in-memory and on-disk caching.
caching/cacheContext Package cacheContext implements a context.Context wrapper which caches the results of Value calls, speeding up subsequent calls for the same key.
caching/lazyslot Package lazyslot implements a caching scheme for globally shared objects that take significant time to refresh.
caching/lru Package lru provides least-recently-used (LRU) cache.
cmpbin Package cmpbin provides binary serialization routines which ensure that the serialized objects maintain the same sort order of the original inputs when sorted bytewise (i.e.
rand/cryptorand Package cryptorand implements a mockable source or crypto strong randomness.
rand/mathrand Package mathrand implements a mockable interface for math/rand.Rand.
recordio Package recordio implements a basic RecordIO reader and writer.
sortby Package sortby provides a succinct way to generate correctly-behaved Less functions for use with the stdlib 'sort' package.
stringset Package stringset is an exceedingly simple 'set' implementation for strings.
strpair Package strpair implements parsing and formatting of lists of colon-delimited key-value pair strings.
text/pattern Package pattern implements lightweight parsable string patterns.
text/sanitizehtml Package sanitizehtml implements a sanitizer of a very limited HTML.
text/stringtemplate Package stringtemplate implements Python string.Template-like substitution.
text/templateproto Package templateproto defines a proto-based way to configure templates for JSON documents.
text/units Package units provides common useful printable units.
treapstore Package treapstore is a lightweight append-only in-memory key-value store built on top a treap (tree + heap) implementation.