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Published: Aug 13, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package normalize contains functions to "flatten" and normalize LUCI configs.

It is useful during the migration period to be able to work with existing deeply nested un-normalized configs (e.g. diff against them or use them as a basis for generated configs).


func Buildbucket

func Buildbucket(c context.Context, cfg *pb.BuildbucketCfg) error

Buildbucket normalizes cr-buildbucket.cfg config.

func CQ

func CQ(c context.Context, cfg *pb.Config) error

CQ normalizes cq.cfg config.

func Logdog

func Logdog(c context.Context, cfg *pb.ProjectConfig) error

Logdog normalizes logdog.cfg config.

func Milo

func Milo(c context.Context, cfg *pb.Project) error

Milo normalizes luci-milo.cfg config.

func Notify

func Notify(c context.Context, cfg *pb.ProjectConfig) error

Notify normalizes luci-notify.cfg config.

func Project

func Project(c context.Context, cfg *pb.ProjectCfg) error

Project normalizes project.cfg config.

func Scheduler

func Scheduler(c context.Context, cfg *pb.ProjectConfig) error

Scheduler normalizes luci-scheduler.cfg config.

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