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Package apiservers

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Published: Aug 13, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package apiservers implements gRPC APIs exposed by Scheduler service.


func AdminServerWithACL

func AdminServerWithACL(e engine.EngineInternal, c catalog.Catalog, adminGroup string) internal.AdminServer

AdminServerWithACL returns AdminServer implementation that checks all callers are in the given administrator group.

type SchedulerServer

type SchedulerServer struct {
	Engine  engine.Engine
	Catalog catalog.Catalog

SchedulerServer implements scheduler.Scheduler API.

func (*SchedulerServer) AbortInvocation

func (s *SchedulerServer) AbortInvocation(ctx context.Context, in *scheduler.InvocationRef) (*empty.Empty, error)

func (*SchedulerServer) AbortJob

func (s *SchedulerServer) AbortJob(ctx context.Context, in *scheduler.JobRef) (*empty.Empty, error)

func (*SchedulerServer) EmitTriggers

func (s *SchedulerServer) EmitTriggers(ctx context.Context, in *scheduler.EmitTriggersRequest) (*empty.Empty, error)

func (*SchedulerServer) GetInvocation

func (s *SchedulerServer) GetInvocation(ctx context.Context, in *scheduler.InvocationRef) (*scheduler.Invocation, error)

func (*SchedulerServer) GetInvocations

func (s *SchedulerServer) GetInvocations(ctx context.Context, in *scheduler.InvocationsRequest) (*scheduler.InvocationsReply, error)

func (*SchedulerServer) GetJobs

func (s *SchedulerServer) GetJobs(ctx context.Context, in *scheduler.JobsRequest) (*scheduler.JobsReply, error)

GetJobs fetches all jobs satisfying JobsRequest and visibility ACLs.

func (*SchedulerServer) PauseJob

func (s *SchedulerServer) PauseJob(ctx context.Context, in *scheduler.JobRef) (*empty.Empty, error)

func (*SchedulerServer) ResumeJob

func (s *SchedulerServer) ResumeJob(ctx context.Context, in *scheduler.JobRef) (*empty.Empty, error)

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