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Published: Sep 18, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:
Path Synopsis
appengine/bqlog Package bqlog provides a mechanism to asynchronously log rows to BigQuery.
appengine/bqlog/gae-test/gae-test Binary gae-test implements a sloppy sample app that tests 'bqlog' on GAE.
appengine/gaeauth/client Package client implements OAuth2 authentication for outbound connections from Appengine using the application services account.
appengine/gaeauth/server Package server implements authentication for inbound HTTP requests on GAE.
appengine/gaeauth/server/gaesigner Package gaesigner implements signing.Signer interface using GAE App Identity API.
appengine/gaeauth/server/internal/authdbimpl Package authdbimpl implements datastore-based storage and update of AuthDB snapshots used for authorization decisions by server/auth/*.
appengine/gaemiddleware Package gaemiddleware provides a standard middleware for Appengine apps.
appengine/gaemiddleware/flex Package flex exposes gaemiddleware Environments for AppEngine's Flex environment.
appengine/gaemiddleware/standard Package standard exposes a gaemiddleware Environment for Classic AppEngine.
appengine/gaesecrets Package gaesecrets implements storage of secret blobs on top of datastore.
appengine/gaesettings Package gaesettings implements settings.Storage interface on top of GAE datastore.
appengine/mapper Package mapper implements a simple Datastore mapper.
appengine/mapper/demo Binary demo contains minimal demo for 'mapper' package.
appengine/mapper/internal/tasks Package tasks contains definition of task queue tasks used by the mapper.
appengine/mapper/splitter Package splitter implements SplitIntoRanges function useful when splitting large datastore queries into a bunch of smaller queries with approximately evenly-sized result sets.
appengine/memlock Package memlock allows multiple appengine handlers to coordinate best-effort mutual execution via memcache.
appengine/meta Package meta contains some methods for interacting with GAE's metadata APIs.
appengine/tq Package tq implements simple routing layer for task queue tasks.
appengine/tq/tqtesting Package tqtesting can be used in unit tests to simulate task queue calls produced by tq.Dispatcher.
appengine/tsmon Package tsmon adapts common/tsmon library to GAE environment.
auth Package auth implements a wrapper around
auth/authctx Package authctx allows to run subprocesses in an environment with ambient auth.
auth/client/authcli Package authcli implements authentication related flags parsing and CLI subcommands.
auth/client/cmd/luci-auth Command luci-auth can be used to interact with OAuth2 token cache on disk.
auth/client/cmd/realms-dump Command realms-dump can dump realm configs served by an Auth Service.
auth/identity Package identity defines Identity type and related types and constants.
auth/integration/authtest Package authtest implements authentication related test helpers.
auth/integration/devshell Package devshell implements Devshell protocol for locally getting auth token.
auth/integration/firebase Package firebase implements an auth server that allows firebase-tools to use an exposed OAuth2 TokenSource for auth.
auth/integration/gcemeta Package gcemeta implements a subset of GCE metadata server protocol.
auth/integration/gsutil Package gsutil implements a hacky shim that makes gsutil use LUCI local auth.
auth/integration/internal/localsrv Package localsrv provides helpers for running local TCP servers.
auth/integration/localauth Package localauth implements localhost HTTP server that hands out tokens to local LUCI-aware processes.
auth/internal Package internal contains code used internally by auth/integration.
buildbucket Package buildbucket is a client library for Buildbucket service.
buildbucket/access Package access is DEPRECATED.
buildbucket/appengine/frontend Package main is the main entry point for the app.
buildbucket/appengine/internal/buildid Package buildid provides the build id computation related functions.
buildbucket/appengine/internal/perm Package perm implements permission checks.
buildbucket/appengine/model Package model contains datastore model implementation.
buildbucket/appengine/rpc Package rpc contains rpc service implementation.
buildbucket/appengine/tasks Package tasks contains task queue implementations.
buildbucket/appengine/tasks/defs Package taskdefs contains task queue task definitions.
buildbucket/cli Package cli implements CLI client for buildbucket service.
buildbucket/cmd/bbagent Command bbagent is Buildbucket's agent running in swarming.
buildbucket/deprecated Package deprecated is deprecated part of the buildbucket library.
buildbucket/proto Package buildbucketpb is generated from Buildbucket .proto files.
buildbucket/protoutil Package protoutil provides utility functions for protobuf messages in ../proto package.
cipd/api/admin/v1 Package api contains CIPD backend API definitions.
cipd/api/cipd/v1 Package api contains CIPD backend API definitions.
cipd/api/config/v1 Package api contains CIPD backend API definitions.
cipd/appengine/backend Binary backend implements HTTP server that handles task queues and crons.
cipd/appengine/frontend Binary frontend implements HTTP server that handles requests to 'default' module.
cipd/appengine/impl Package impl instantiates the full implementation of the CIPD backend services.
cipd/appengine/impl/admin Package admin contains implementation of cipd.Admin RPC service.
cipd/appengine/impl/cas Package cas contains implementation of cipd.Storage service RPC service.
cipd/appengine/impl/cas/tasks Package tasks contains task queue tasks definitions.
cipd/appengine/impl/gs Package gs implement Google Storage API wrapper used by CIPD backend.
cipd/appengine/impl/metadata Package metadata implements handling of prefix metadata.
cipd/appengine/impl/model Package model contains core CIPD datastore entities.
cipd/appengine/impl/monitoring Package monitoring implements monitoring used by CIPD backend.
cipd/appengine/impl/repo Package repo contains implementation of cipd.Repository service RPC service.
cipd/appengine/impl/repo/processing Package processing contains code related to post-registration instance processing.
cipd/appengine/impl/repo/tasks Package tasks contains task queue tasks definitions.
cipd/appengine/impl/settings Package settings contains definition of global CIPD backend settings.
cipd/appengine/impl/testutil Package testutil contains helpers used from CIPD backend unit tests.
cipd/appengine/ui Package ui implements request handlers that serve user facing HTML pages.
cipd/client/cipd Package cipd implements client side of Chrome Infra Package Deployer.
cipd/client/cipd/builder Package builder holds functionality for building CIPD packages.
cipd/client/cipd/deployer Package deployer holds functionality for deploying CIPD packages.
cipd/client/cipd/digests Package digests holds types used by selfupdate mechanism to pin client hashes.
cipd/client/cipd/ensure Package ensure contains methods and types for interacting with the 'ensure file format'.
cipd/client/cipd/fs Package fs is file-system related utilities used internally by CIPD.
cipd/client/cipd/internal/retry Package retry contains helpers for doing tight retry loops.
cipd/client/cipd/pkg Package pkg contains interfaces and struct related to CIPD package files.
cipd/client/cipd/platform Package platform contains definition of what ${os} and ${arch} mean for the current platform.
cipd/client/cipd/reader Package reader implements reading contents of a CIPD package.
cipd/client/cipd/template Package template implements handling of package name templates.
cipd/client/cli Package cli implements command line interface for CIPD client.
cipd/client/cmd/cipd Package main contains CIPD CLI implementation that uses Chrome Infrastructure defaults.
cipd/version Package version provides a way for CIPD packaged Go binaries to discover their current package instance ID.
client/archiver Package archiver implements the pipeline to efficiently archive file sets to an isolated server as fast as possible.
client/cmd/cas Package main is a CAS client.
client/cmd/docker-credential-luci Command docker-credential-luci is a Docker credential helper.
client/cmd/git-credential-luci Command git-credential-luci is a Git credential helper.
client/cmd/isolate Package main is a .isolate compiler that compiles .isolate files into .isolated files and can also act as a client to an Isolate server.
client/cmd/isolate/lib Package lib is used to implement the parent package main.
client/cmd/isolated Package main is an Isolate server client.
client/cmd/isolated/lib Package lib is used to implement the parent package main.
client/cmd/swarming Package main is a client to a Swarming server.
client/cmd/swarming/lib Package lib is used to implement the parent package main.
client/downloader Package downloader implements the pipeline to download file sets from an isolated server.
client/flagpb Package flagpb defines a flag format for protobuf messages, implements a parser and a formatter.
client/internal/common Package common implements code and utilities shared across all packages in client/.
client/internal/progress Package progress implements a progress indicator for text mode applications.
client/isolate Package isolate implements the code to process '.isolate' files to generate '.isolated' files.
client/versioncli Package versioncli implements a subcommand for obtaining version with the CLI.
common/api/buildbucket/buildbucket/v1 Package buildbucket provides access to the Build Bucket Service.
common/api/buildbucket/swarmbucket/v1 Package swarmbucket provides access to the Buildbucket-Swarming integration.
common/api/gitiles Package gitiles implements GitilesClient in "" package on top of Gitiles's REST API.
common/api/internal/gensupport Package gensupport is an internal implementation detail used by code generated by the google-api-go-generator tool.
common/api/isolate/isolateservice/v1 Package isolateservice provides access to the .
common/api/luci_config/config/v1 Package config provides access to the Configuration Service.
common/api/swarming/swarming/v1 Package swarming provides access to the .
common/bq Package bq is a library for working with BigQuery.
common/cli Package cli is a helper package for "".
common/clock Package clock is an interface to system time and timers which is easy to test.
common/data/base128 Package base128 implements base128 encoding and decoding.
common/data/caching/cache Package cache implements both in-memory and on-disk caching.
common/data/caching/cacheContext Package cacheContext implements a context.Context wrapper which caches the results of Value calls, speeding up subsequent calls for the same key.
common/data/caching/lazyslot Package lazyslot implements a caching scheme for globally shared objects that take significant time to refresh.
common/data/caching/lru Package lru provides least-recently-used (LRU) cache.
common/data/cmpbin Package cmpbin provides binary serialization routines which ensure that the serialized objects maintain the same sort order of the original inputs when sorted bytewise (i.e.
common/data/rand/cryptorand Package cryptorand implements a mockable source or crypto strong randomness.
common/data/rand/mathrand Package mathrand implements a mockable interface for math/rand.Rand.
common/data/recordio Package recordio implements a basic RecordIO reader and writer.
common/data/sortby Package sortby provides a succinct way to generate correctly-behaved Less functions for use with the stdlib 'sort' package.
common/data/stringset Package stringset is an exceedingly simple 'set' implementation for strings.
common/data/strpair Package strpair implements parsing and formatting of lists of colon-delimited key-value pair strings.
common/data/text/pattern Package pattern implements lightweight parsable string patterns.
common/data/text/sanitizehtml Package sanitizehtml implements a sanitizer of a very limited HTML.
common/data/text/stringtemplate Package stringtemplate implements Python string.Template-like substitution.
common/data/text/templateproto Package templateproto defines a proto-based way to configure templates for JSON documents.
common/data/text/units Package units provides common useful printable units.
common/data/treapstore Package treapstore is a lightweight append-only in-memory key-value store built on top a treap (tree + heap) implementation.
common/errors Package errors is an augmented replacement package for the stdlib "errors" package.
common/flag Package flag provides the utilities for implementing command line flags.
common/flag/flagenum Package flagenum is a utility package which facilitates implementation of flag.Value, json.Marshaler, and json.Unmarshaler interfaces via a string-to- value mapping.
common/flag/multiflag Package multiflag is a package providing a flag.Value implementation capable of switching between multiple registered sub-flags, each of which have their own set of parameter flags.
common/flag/stringlistflag Package stringlistflag provides a flag.Value implementation which resolves multiple args into a []string.
common/flag/stringmapflag Package stringmapflag provides a flag.Value that, when parsed, augments a map[string]string with the supplied parameter.
common/flag/stringsetflag Package stringsetflag provides a flag.Value implementation which resolves multiple args into a stringset.
common/gcloud/gae Package gae defines information about the AppEngine environment.
common/gcloud/googleoauth Package googleoauth contains some helpers related to Google OAuth2.
common/gcloud/gs Package gs implements a versatile Google Storage client on top of the standard Google Storage Go API.
common/gcloud/iam Package iam implements wrappers around some Google Cloud IAM APIs.
common/git/footer Package footer implements parsing logic for git footer and its predecessor (legacy `<KEY>=<arbitrary value>` style).
common/iotools Package iotools contains a collection of I/O-related utility structs and methods.
common/isolated Package isolated defines the isolated common code shared by the client and server.
common/isolatedclient Package isolatedclient implements the API to communicate with the Isolated server and to process '.isolated' files.
common/isolatedclient/isolatedfake Package isolatedfake implements an in-process fake Isolated server for integration testing.
common/lhttp Package lhttp implements HTTP client helper code (JSON, automatic retries, authentication, etc).
common/logging Package logging defines Logger interface and context.Context helpers to put\get logger from context.Context.
common/logging/gologger Package gologger is a compatibility layer between go-logging library and luci-go/common/logging.
common/logging/sdlogger Package sdlogger is a logger that formats entries as JSON understood by Stackdriver log collectors.
common/proto Package proto contains protobuf-related utilities.
common/proto/access Package access contains Access service protocol.
common/proto/config Package config contains luci-config protobuf definitions.
common/proto/examples Package examples shows how to design protos which adhere to the Google Cloud API design guide.
common/proto/gerrit Package gerrit contains Gerrit service definition.
common/proto/git Package git contains Git-related protobuf definitions.
common/proto/gitiles Package gitiles contains Gitiles service definition.
common/proto/google Package google contains utility methods to help interface between Google standard protobufs and native Go types.
common/proto/google/descutil Package descutil contains utility functions for protobuf descriptor messages.
common/proto/mask Package mask provides utility functions for google protobuf field mask Supports advanced field mask semantics: - Refer to fields and map keys using .
common/proto/paged Package paged implements a helper for making paginated Datastore queries.
common/proto/realms Package realms contains LUCI Realms protobuf definitions.
common/proto/srcman Package srcman contains source manifest protobuf definitions.
common/retry/transient Package transient allows you to tag and retry 'transient' errors (i.e.
common/runtime/goroutine Package goroutine is mostly to house a function for obtaining the current goroutine ID, but probably will eventually contain other naughty functions.
common/runtime/paniccatcher Package paniccatcher package exposes a set of utility structures and methods that support standardized panic catching and handling.
common/runtime/profiling Package profiling provides a tool to profile various aspects of the process.
common/spantest Package spantest implements creation/destruction of a temporary Spanner database.
common/sync/dispatcher Package dispatcher implements a super-charged version of a buffered channel connected to a (potentially) parallelized work dispatcher.
common/sync/dispatcher/buffer Package buffer implements a batching buffer with batch lease and retry management.
common/sync/mutexpool Package mutexpool implements P, a pool of keyed mutexes.
common/system/environ Package environ is an environment variable manipulation library.
common/system/exec2 Package exec2 is like os/exec but supports timeout in Wait and process containment for unix using process group.
common/system/exitcode Package exitcode provides common methods to extract exit codes from errors returned by exec.Cmd.
common/system/pager Package pager implements paging using commands "less" or "more", depending on availability.
common/system/prober Package prober exports Probe, which implements logic to identify a wrapper's wrapped target.
common/system/signals Package signals makes it easier to catch SIGTERM.
common/system/terminal Package terminal is just a way to forward "".IsTerminal(fd int) In a way that will work on appengine (specifically; it doesn't break appengine's compilation).
common/testing/assertions Package assertions is designed to be a collection of `.` importable, goconvey compatible testing assertions, in the style of "".
common/testing/mock Package mock has utility functions for gomock.
common/testing/prpctest Package prpctest is a package to facilitate pRPC testing by wrapping httptest with a pRPC Server.
common/trace Package trace provides support for collecting tracing spans.
common/tsmon Package tsmon contains global state and utility functions for configuring and interacting with tsmon.
common/tsmon/distribution Package distribution contains distribution metrics, fixed width and geometric bucketers.
common/tsmon/examples/beep package dummy_project implements a demo application that populates monitoring data for a dummy_project.
common/tsmon/examples/beep/dummy_project dummy_project implements a monitoring target interface for DummyProject.
common/tsmon/field Package field contains constructors for metric field definitions.
common/tsmon/metric Package metric is the API for defining metrics and updating their values.
common/tsmon/monitor Package monitor contains the code for sending metric data to monitoring endpoints.
common/tsmon/registry Package registry holds a map of all metrics registered by the process.
common/tsmon/runtimestats Package runtimestats exposes metrics related to the Go runtime.
common/tsmon/store Package store contains code for storing and retrieving metrics.
common/tsmon/store/storetest Package storetest is imported exclusively by tests for Store implementations.
common/tsmon/target Package target contains information about the thing that is sending metrics - either a NetworkDevice (a machine) or a Task (a service).
common/tsmon/ts_mon_proto Package ts_mon_proto contains ts_mon protobuf source and generated protobuf data.
common/tsmon/types Package types contains miscellaneous structs and interfaces used throughout tsmon.
common/tsmon/versions Package versions allows processes to report string-valued metrics with versions of various libraries they link with.
config Package config contains a client to access LUCI configuration service.
config/appengine/gaeconfig Package gaeconfig implements LUCI-config service bindings backed by AppEngine storage and caching.
config/cfgclient Package cfgclient contains glue code to use config.Interface client.
config/impl/erroring Package erroring implements a backend that always returns an error for all of its calls.
config/impl/filesystem Package filesystem implements a file system backend for the config client.
config/impl/memory Package memory implements in-memory backend for the config client.
config/impl/resolving Package resolving implements an interface that resolves ${var} placeholders in config set names and file paths before forwarding calls to some other interface.
config/server/cfgcache Package cfgcache provides a datastore-based cache of individual config files.
config/server/cfgmodule Package cfgmodule provides a server module with a LUCI Config client.
config/validation Package validation provides helpers for performing and setting up handlers for config validation related requests from luci-config.
config/vars Package vars implements a registry of ${var} placeholders.
cq/appengine/config Package config implements validation and common manipulation of CQ config files.
cq/appengine/frontend Binary frontend is the main entry point for the CQ app.
cv/api/config/v2 Package config contains the CQ config schema.
cv/api/recipe/v1 Package recipe contains CQ Recipe input proto.
cv/internal/gerrit/botdata Package botdata implements parsing and generation logic for BotData.
cv/internal/submission Package submission contains all related logic to submit Gerrit CLs.
dm Package dm is the service and tooling for the Dungeon Master (DM) distributed dependency scheduling service.
dm/appengine Package appengine provides the appengine service implementation for DM.
dm/appengine/deps Package deps implements DM's Deps RPC methods.
dm/appengine/distributor Package distributor contains all the adaptors for the various supported distributor protocols.
dm/appengine/frontend Binary frontend is DM's Google AppEngine application stub.
dm/appengine/model Package model contains all of DM's datastore models.
dm/appengine/mutate Package mutate includes the main logic of DM's state machine.
dm/tools/jobsim_client Jobsim client is a self-contained binary that implements various toy job algorithms for use in testing DM with live distributors (like swarming).
examples/appengine/helloworld_standard/frontend Package main implements HTTP server that handles requests to default module.
examples/appengine/tq Demo of server/tq module on Appengine.
gae Package gae provides a fakable wrapped interface for the appengine SDK's APIs.
gae/filter/count Package count contains 'counter' filters for all the gae services.
gae/filter/dscache Package dscache provides a transparent cache for RawDatastore which is backed by Memcache.
gae/filter/featureBreaker Package featureBreaker contains filters for dynamically disabling/breaking API features at test-time.
gae/filter/featureBreaker/flaky Package flaky can be used to emulate flaky GAE errors that happen randomly with some probability.
gae/filter/readonly Package readonly implements a filter that enforces read-only accesses to services.
gae/filter/txnBuf Package txnBuf contains a transaction buffer filter for the datastore service.
gae/filter/txndefer Package txndefer implements a filter that calls best-effort callbacks on successful transaction commits.
gae/impl/cloud Package cloud provides an implementation of services based on regular Cloud APIs and works from anywhere (not necessarily from AppEngine).
gae/impl/dummy Package dummy provides panicking dummy implementations of all service Interfaces.
gae/impl/memory Package memory provides an implementation of infra/gae/libs/wrapper which backs to local memory ONLY.
gae/impl/prod Package prod provides an implementation of services/* which backs to AppEngine Classic (Go version <=1.11).
gae/impl/prod/constraints Package constraints contains production datastore constraints.
gae/service/blobstore Package blobstore is a PLACEHOLDER for the blobstore implementation.
gae/service/datastore/dumper Package dumper implements a very VERY dumb datastore-dumping debugging aid.
gae/service/datastore/internal/protos/datastore Package datastore is a generated protocol buffer package.
gae/service/datastore/meta Package meta contains some methods for interacting with GAE's metadata APIs.
gae/service/info/support Package support provides Info-related support functionality.
gae/service/logging Package logging is simply documentation :) In order to use logging, please import and use the "" package.
gae/service/urlfetch Package urlfetch provides a way for an application to get http.RoundTripper that can make outbound HTTP requests.
gce/api/config/v1 Package config contains VM config definitions.
gce/api/instances/v1 Package instances contains a GCE instances service.
gce/api/projects/v1 Package projects contains GCP project config definitions.
gce/api/tasks/v1 Package tasks contains task queue task definitions.
gce/appengine/backend Package backend includes cron and task queue handlers.
gce/appengine/backend/internal/metrics Package metrics includes tsmon metric support.
gce/appengine/config Package config knows how import configs from LUCI-config.
gce/appengine/frontend Package main is the main entry point for the app.
gce/appengine/model Package model contains datastore model definitions.
gce/appengine/rpc Package rpc contains RPC server implementations.
gce/appengine/rpc/memory Package memory contains a RPC servers backed by in-memory storage.
gce/appengine/testing/roundtripper Package roundtripper contains http.RoundTripper implementations suitable for testing.
gce/cmd/agent Package main is generated by
gce/vmtoken Package vmtoken implements parsing and verification of signed GCE VM metadata tokens.
gce/vmtoken/client Package client implements client-side fetch and transmission of signed GCE VM metadata tokens.
grpc/appstatus Package appstatus can attach/reterieve an application-specific response status to/from an error.
grpc/cmd/prpc Command prpc can make RPCs to pRPC servers and display their description.
grpc/cmd/svcdec Command svcdec stands for 'service decorator'.
grpc/cmd/svcmux Command svcmux reads a service interface XYZServer generated by protoc and generates VersionedXYZV struct that stores a map version->implementation, and a default version.
grpc/discovery Package discovery implements RPC service introspection.
grpc/grpcmon Package grpcmon defines gRPC interceptors with monitoring instrumentation.
grpc/grpcutil Package grpcutil is a utility package to supplement Google's gRPC package, "".
grpc/internal/svctool Package svctool implements svcmux/svcdec tools command line parsing
grpc/logging Package logging implements a gRPC glog.Logger implementation backed by a Logger.
grpc/prpc Package prpc (provisional RPC) implements an RPC client over HTTP 1.x.
grpc/svcmux Package svcmux contains utility functions used by code generated by svcmux tool.
hardcoded/chromeinfra Package chromeinfra contains hardcoded values related to Chrome Infra.
led Command led implements a 'led' binary WITHOUT support for "kitchen" based tasks.
led/ledcli Package ledcli implements the subcommands for the `led` command line tool.
led/ledcmd Package ledcmd implements the subcommands for the `led` command line tool which interact with external services.
logdog/api/config/svcconfig Package svcconfig stores service configuration for a LogDog instance.
logdog/api/endpoints/coordinator/logs/v1 Package logdog contains Version 1 of the LogDog Coordinator user interface.
logdog/api/endpoints/coordinator/registration/v1 Package logdog contains Version 1 of the LogDog Coordinator stream registration interface.
logdog/api/endpoints/coordinator/services/v1 Package logdog contains Version 1 of the LogDog Coordinator backend service interface.
logdog/api/logpb Package logpb contains LogDog protobuf source and generated protobuf data.
logdog/appengine/cmd/coordinator/default Binary default is a simple AppEngine LUCI service.
logdog/appengine/cmd/coordinator/logs Package main is the main entry point for the `vmuser` LogDog AppEngine executable.
logdog/appengine/cmd/coordinator/services Binary services is the main entry point for the `services` LogDog AppEngine executable.
logdog/appengine/cmd/coordinator/static Binary stub doesn't actually do anything.
logdog/client/bootstrapResult Package bootstrapResult defines a common way to express the result of bootstrapping a command via JSON.
logdog/client/butler Package butler is the main engine for the Butler executable.
logdog/client/butler/bootstrap Package bootstrap handles Butler-side bootstrapping functionality.
logdog/client/butler/bundler Package bundler is responsible for efficiently transforming aggregate stream data into Butler messages for export.
logdog/client/butler/output Package output contains interfaces and implementations for Butler Outputs, which are responsible for delivering Butler protobufs to LogDog collection endpoints.
logdog/client/butler/output/log Package log implements the "log" Output.
logdog/client/butler/output/logdog Package logdog implements output to a Logdog server via PubSub.
logdog/client/butlerlib/streamproto Package streamproto describes the protocol primitives used by LogDog/Butler for stream negotiation.
logdog/client/cmd/logdog_butler Package main is entry point for the command-line LogDog Butler application.
logdog/client/pubsubprotocol Package pubsubprotocol implements the LogDog pubsub wire protocol.
logdog/common/archive Package archive constructs a LogDog archive out of log stream components.
logdog/common/renderer Package renderer exports the capability to render a LogDog log stream to an io.Writer.
logdog/common/storage/archive Package archive implements a storage.Storage instance that retrieves logs from a Google Storage archive.
logdog/common/storage/archive/logdog_archive_test Package main implements a simple CLI tool to load and interact with Google Storage archived data.
logdog/common/storage/bigtable Package bigtable provides an implementation of the Storage interface backed by Google Cloud Platform's BigTable.
logdog/common/storage/bigtable/logdog_bigtable_test Package main implements a simple CLI tool to load and interact with storage data in Google BigTable data.
logdog/common/storage/memory Package memory implements in-memory Storage structures.
logdog/common/viewer Package viewer is a support library to interact with the LogDog web app and log stream viewer.
logdog/server/collector Package collector implements the LogDog Collector daemon's log parsing and registration logic.
logdog/server/collector/coordinator Package coordinator implements a minimal interface to the Coordinator service that is sufficient for Collector usage.
logdog/server/config Package config abstracts access to Logdog service and project configuration.
luci_notify/cmd/preview_email Command preview_email renders an email template file.
luci_notify/mailtmpl Package mailtmpl implements email template bundling and execution.
luci_notify/notify Define the constants to use in notify
lucicfg Package lucicfg contains LUCI config generator.
lucicfg/buildifier Package buildifier implements processing of Starlark files via buildifier.
lucicfg/cli Package cli contains command line interface for lucicfg tool.
lucicfg/cli/base Package base contains code shared by other CLI subpackages.
lucicfg/cli/cmds/diff Package diff implements 'semantic-diff' subcommand.
lucicfg/cli/cmds/fmt Package fmt implements 'fmt' subcommand.
lucicfg/cli/cmds/generate Package generate implements 'generate' subcommand.
lucicfg/cli/cmds/lint Package lint implements 'lint' subcommand.
lucicfg/cli/cmds/validate Package validate implements 'validate' subcommand.
lucicfg/cmd/docgen Command docgen is the documentation generator.
lucicfg/cmd/lucicfg Command lucicfg is CLI for LUCI config generator.
lucicfg/doc Package doc generates starlark documentation.
lucicfg/docgen Package docgen generates documentation from Starlark code.
lucicfg/docgen/ast Package ast defines AST relevant for the documentation generation.
lucicfg/docgen/docstring Package docstring parses docstrings into more structured representation.
lucicfg/docgen/symbols Package symbols defines a data model representing Starlark symbols.
lucicfg/graph Package graph implements a DAG used internally to represent config objects.
lucicfg/normalize Package normalize contains functions to "flatten" and normalize LUCI configs.
lucicfg/starlark Package starlark is generated by
lucicfg/vars Package vars implement lucicfg.var() support.
lucictx Package lucictx implements a Go client for the protocol defined here: It differs from the python client in a couple ways: * The initial LUCI_CONTEXT value is captured once at application start.
luciexe Package luciexe documents the "LUCI Executable" protocol, and contains constants which are part of this protocol.
luciexe/exe Package exe implements a client for the LUCI Executable ("luciexe") protocol.
luciexe/host Package host implements the 'Host Application' portion of the luciexe protocol.
luciexe/host/buildmerge Package buildmerge implements the build.proto tracking and merging logic for luciexe host applications.
luciexe/invoke Package invoke implements the process of invoking a 'luciexe' compatible subprocess, but without setting up any of the 'host' requirements (like a Logdog Butler or LUCI Auth).
luciexe/legacy Package legacy holds libraries and tools for @@@annotation@@@ protocol which is the predecessor of luciexe protocol.
luciexe/legacy/annotee/annotation Package annotation implements a state machine that constructs Milo annotation protobufs from a series of annotation commands.
luciexe/legacy/annotee/executor Package executor contains an implementation of the Annotee Executor.
luciexe/legacy/annotee/proto Package annopb contains protobuf definitions for legacy annotation.
luciexe/legacy/cmd/run_annotations Command run_annotations is a LUCI executable that wraps a command that produces @@@ANNOTATIONS@@@, and converts annotations to build message.
machine-db/appengine/frontend Package main contains the Machine Database AppEngine front end.
machine-db/appengine/ui Package ui contains Machine Database web UI.
machine-db/client/cli Package cli contains the Machine Database command-line client.
machine-db/client/cmd/crimson Package main contains the Machine Database CLI implementation.
machine-db/common Package common contains common Machine Database functions.
milo/git Package git provides high level API for Git/Gerrit data.
milo/git/gitacls Package gitacls implements read ACLs for Git/Gerrit data.
mp/cmd/snapshot Package main contains a tool which takes a snapshot of the given disk.
resultdb/internal/artifactcontent Package artifactcontent can serve artifact content via plain HTTP securely.
resultdb/internal/cron Package cron can runs functions periodically.
resultdb/internal/services/deriver Package deriver implements a binary that hosts luci.resultdb.v1.Deriver service.
resultdb/internal/services/globalmetrics Package globalmetrics reports metrics that are computationally heavy.
resultdb/internal/services/purger Package purger deletes expired test results from Spanner.
resultdb/internal/services/recorder Package recorder implements a binary that hosts luci.resultdb.v1.Recorder service.
resultdb/internal/spanutil Package span contains utility functions to interact with the underlying Spanner storage.
resultdb/internal/tasks Package tasks implements asynchronous invocation processing.
resultdb/internal/testutil/insert Package insert implements functions to insert rows for testing purposes.
resultdb/pbutil Package pbutil implements utility functions for ResultDB protobuf messages.
resultdb/sink Package sink provides a server for aggregating test results and sending them to the ResultDB backend.
scheduler/api/scheduler/v1 Package scheduler contains the main API of Scheduler service.
scheduler/appengine/acl Package acl implements ACLs for enforcement in API and UI.
scheduler/appengine/apiservers Package apiservers implements gRPC APIs exposed by Scheduler service.
scheduler/appengine/catalog Package catalog implements a part that talks to luci-config service to fetch and parse job definitions.
scheduler/appengine/engine Package engine implements the core logic of the scheduler service.
scheduler/appengine/engine/dsset Package dsset implements a particular flavor of datastore-backed set.
scheduler/appengine/engine/policy Package policy contains implementation of triggering policy functions.
scheduler/appengine/frontend Binary frontend implements GAE web server for luci-scheduler service.
scheduler/appengine/internal Package internal contains internal structs used by the tasks and the engine.
scheduler/appengine/presentation Package presentation implements common method to API and UI serving.
scheduler/appengine/task Package task defines interface between Scheduler engine and implementations of particular tasks (such as URL fetch tasks, Swarming tasks, DM tasks, etc).
scheduler/appengine/task/buildbucket Package buildbucket implements tasks that run Buildbucket jobs.
scheduler/appengine/task/noop Package noop implements tasks that do nothing at all.
scheduler/appengine/task/urlfetch Package urlfetch implements tasks that just make HTTP calls.
scheduler/appengine/task/utils Package utils contains a bunch of small functions used by task/ subpackages.
scheduler/appengine/ui Package ui implements request handlers that serve user facing HTML pages.
server Package server implements an environment for running LUCI servers.
server/analytics Package analytics provides a standard way to store the Google Analytics tracking ID.
server/auth Package auth implements authentication and authorization framework for HTTP servers.
server/auth/authdb Package authdb contains definition of Authentication Database (aka AuthDB).
server/auth/authdb/dump Package dump implements loading AuthDB from dumps in Google Storage.
server/auth/authdb/internal/certs Package certs knows how to fetch certificate bundles of trusted services.
server/auth/authdb/internal/globset Package globset preprocesses []identity.Glob for faster querying.
server/auth/authdb/internal/graph Package graph implements handling of the groups graph.
server/auth/authdb/internal/ipaddr Package ipaddr implements IP whitelist check.
server/auth/authdb/internal/legacy Package legacy contains older implementation of IsMember check.
server/auth/authdb/internal/oauthid Package oauthid implements OAuth client ID whitelist check.
server/auth/authdb/internal/realmset Package realmset provides queryable representation of LUCI Realms DB.
server/auth/authdb/internal/seccfg Package seccfg interprets SecurityConfig proto message.
server/auth/authtest Package authtest implements some interfaces used by auth package to simplify unit testing.
server/auth/delegation Package delegation contains low-level API for working with delegation tokens.
server/auth/iap Package iap implements auth.Method for GCP's Identity Aware Proxy.
server/auth/openid Package openid implements OpenID Connect Login protocol (client side).
server/auth/realms Package realms contains functionality related to LUCI Realms.
server/auth/service Package service implements a wrapper around API exposed by auth_service: The main focus is AuthDB replication protocol used to propagate changes to database of groups.
server/auth/signing Package signing provides interfaces to sign arbitrary small blobs with RSA-SHA256 signature (PKCS1v15) and verify such signatures.
server/auth/signing/signingtest Package signingtest implements signing.Signer interface using small random keys.
server/auth/xsrf Package xsrf provides Cross Site Request Forgery prevention middleware.
server/caching Package caching implements common server object caches.
server/caching/cachingtest Package cachingtest contains helpers for testing code that uses caching package.
server/caching/layered Package layered provides a two-layer cache for serializable objects.
server/cmd/statsd-to-tsmon Executable statsd-to-tsmon implements a statsd sink that sends aggregated metrics to tsmon.
server/cmd/tq-sweeper-spanner Executable tq-sweeper-spanner runs an inproc sweeping driver that scans Spanner database for TQ transactional tasks reminders.
server/experiments Package experiments allow servers to use experimental code paths.
server/gaeemulation Package gaeemulation provides a server module that adds implementation of some APIs to the global server context.
server/internal Package internal is supporting code used by server.go.
server/limiter Package limiter implements load shedding for servers.
server/middleware Package middleware defines base type for context-aware HTTP request handler.
server/module Package module defines a framework for extending server.Server with optional reusable bundles of functionality (called "modules", naturally).
server/portal Package portal implements HTTP routes for portal pages.
server/portal/internal/assets Package assets is generated by
server/pprof Package pprof is similar to net/http/pprof, except it supports auth.
server/redisconn Package redisconn implements integration with a Redis connection pool.
server/router Package router provides an HTTP router with support for middleware and subrouters.
server/secrets Package secrets provides an interface for a simple secret store: you ask it for a secret (a byte blob, identifies by some key), and it returns it to you (current version, as well as a bunch of previous versions).
server/secrets/testsecrets Package testsecrets provides a dumb in-memory secret store to use in unit tests.
server/settings Package settings implements storage for infrequently changing global settings.
server/span Package span implements a server module for communicating with Cloud Spanner.
server/templates Package templates implements wrapper around html/template to provide lazy loading of templates and better integration with HTTP middleware framework.
server/tokens Package tokens provides means to generate and validate base64 encoded tokens compatible with luci-py's components.auth implementation.
server/tq Package tq provides a task queue implementation on top of Cloud Tasks.
server/tq/internal/db Package db defines common database interface.
server/tq/internal/lessor Package lessor defines common lessor interface.
server/tq/internal/partition Package partition encapsulates partitioning and querying large keyspace which can't be expressed even as uint64.
server/tq/internal/reminder Package reminder holds Reminder to avoid circular dependencies.
server/tq/internal/testutil Package testutil provides fakes for testing TQ guts.
server/tq/internal/workset Package workset contains a synchronized work queue implementation used by inproc sweeper.
server/tq/tqtesting Package tqtesting contains helpers for running server/tq in tests and on localhost.
server/tq/txn/datastore Datastore contains Transactional Enqueue support for Cloud Datastore.
server/tq/txn/spanner Spanner contains Transactional Enqueue support for Cloud Spanner.
server/tsmon Package tsmon adapts common/tsmon library to a server-side environment.
server/warmup Package warmup allows to register hooks executed during the server warmup.
starlark/builtins Package builtins is a collection of potentially useful Starlark builtins.
starlark/interpreter Package interpreter contains customized Starlark interpreter.
starlark/starlarkproto Package starlarkproto exposes protobuf messages as Starlark types.
starlark/starlarktest Package starlarktest contains utilities for running Starlark tests.
starlark/typed Package typed contains implementation of strongly-typed lists and dicts.
tokenserver/api Package tokenserver contains common protobuf messages for the token server.
tokenserver/api/admin/v1 Package admin contains The Token Server Administrative and Config API.
tokenserver/api/bq Package bq contains BigQuery tables schemas.
tokenserver/api/minter/v1 Package minter contains the main API of the token server.
tokenserver/appengine/backend Binary backend implements HTTP server that handles requests to 'backend' module.
tokenserver/appengine/frontend Binary frontend implements HTTP server that handles requests to 'default' module.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/certchecker Package certchecker contains implementation of CertChecker.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/certconfig Package certconfig contains code to work with imported CAs and their CRLs.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/machinetoken Package machinetoken implements generation of LUCI machine tokens.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/serviceaccountsv2 Package serviceaccountsv2 implements MintServiceAccountToken RPC.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/services/admin/adminsrv Package adminsrv implements Admin API.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/services/admin/certauthorities Package certauthorities implements CertificateAuthorities API.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/services/minter/tokenminter Package tokenminter implements TokenMinter API.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils Package utils contains a variety of small utility functions used by other tokenserver packages.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/identityset Package identityset implements a set-like structure for identity.Identity.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/policy Package policy contains implementation of Policy parsing and querying.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/revocation Package revocation contains utilities for implementing token revocation.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/shards Package shards provides a low level support for implementing sharded set of []byte blobs.
tokenserver/appengine/impl/utils/tokensigning Package tokensigning implements utilities for RSA-signing of proto messages.
tokenserver/auth/machine Package machine implements authentication based on LUCI machine tokens.
tokenserver/client Package client implements pRPC client for The Token Server.
tokenserver/cmd/luci_machine_tokend Command luci_machine_tokend runs on all machines via cron.
tools/cmd/apigen Package main hosts the Cloud Endpoints API generator utility.
tools/cmd/assets Package main hosts the utility that converts binary assets into assets.gen.go file, so that they can be baked directly into the executable.
tools/cmd/bqschemaupdater Command bqschemaupdater accepts location and schema of a BigQuery table and creates or updates the table.
tools/cmd/gorun Package main defines the `gorun` tool, a shorthand tool to extend the "go run"-like convenience to packages.
tumble Package tumble is a distributed multi-stage transaction processor for appengine.
vpython Package vpython implements the vpython tool and associated libraries.
vpython/api/vpython Package vpython contains `vpython` environment definition protobufs.
vpython/venv/assets Package assets is generated by
web/gowrappers/rpcexplorer Package rpcexplorer contains complied RPCExplorer web app.
web/gowrappers/rpcexplorer/internal Package internal is generated by