Package google contains utility methods to help interface between Google standard protobufs and native Go types.



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func DurationFromProto

func DurationFromProto(d *durationpb.Duration) time.Duration

DurationFromProto returns the time.Duration associated with a Duration protobuf.

func LoadDuration

func LoadDuration(d *durationpb.Duration, v time.Duration) *durationpb.Duration

LoadDuration replaces the value in the supplied Duration with the specified value.

If the supplied Duration is nil and the value is non-zero, a new Duration will be generated. The populated Duration will be returned.

func LoadTimestamp

func LoadTimestamp(t *timestamppb.Timestamp, v time.Time) *timestamppb.Timestamp

LoadTimestamp replaces the value in the supplied Timestamp with the specified time.

If the supplied Timestamp is nil and the time is non-zero, a new Timestamp will be generated. The populated Timestamp will be returned.

func NewDuration

func NewDuration(v time.Duration) *durationpb.Duration

NewDuration creates a new Duration protobuf from a time.Duration.

func NewTimestamp

func NewTimestamp(v time.Time) *timestamppb.Timestamp

NewTimestamp creates a new Timestamp protobuf from a time.Time type.

func TimeFromProto

func TimeFromProto(t *timestamppb.Timestamp) time.Time

TimeFromProto returns the time.Time associated with a Timestamp protobuf.


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descutil Package descutil contains utility functions for protobuf descriptor messages.