Package appengine provides the appengine service implementation for DM.

This contains the following subpackages:

model - These objects are the datastore model objects for DM.
mutate - Tumble mutations for DM, a.k.a. DM's state machine. Each mutation
  represents a single node in DM's state machine.
deps - The dependency management pRPC service.
frontend - The deployable appengine app. For Technical Reasons (tm), almost
  zero code lives here, it just calls through to code in deps.
distributor - Definition of the Distributor interface, and implementations
  (such as swarming_v1).

For more information on DM itself, check out

Source Files


Path Synopsis
deps Package deps implements DM's Deps RPC methods.
distributor Package distributor contains all the adaptors for the various supported distributor protocols.
frontend Binary frontend is DM's Google AppEngine application stub.
model Package model contains all of DM's datastore models.
mutate Package mutate includes the main logic of DM's state machine.