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Package bootstrap handles Butler-side bootstrapping functionality.



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type Environment

type Environment struct {
	// CoordinatorHost is the coordinator host name, or empty string if we are
	// not outputting to a Coordinator.
	// HACK: If this starts with file:// clients will treat it as a local
	// filesystem prefix instead of trying to construct an https URL. If this
	// starts with file://, Project and Prefix should be empty.
	CoordinatorHost string

	// Project is the project name. If not empty, this will be exported to
	// subprocesses.
	Project string
	// Prefix is the prefix name. If not empty, this will be exported to
	// subprocesses.
	Prefix string
	// StreamServerURI is the streamserver URI. If not empty, this will be
	// exported to subprocesses.
	StreamServerURI string

Environment is the set of configuration parameters for the bootstrap.

NOTE: This is an awful encapsulation violation. We should change the butler protocol so that opening a new stream has the butler immediately reply with the externally-visible URL to the stream and stop exporting these envvars (with the exception of StreamServerURI) entirely.

NOTE: This should use LUCI_CONTEXT instead of bare envvars.

func (*Environment) Augment

func (e *Environment) Augment(base environ.Env)

Augment augments the supplied base environment with LogDog Butler bootstrap parameters.

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