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type Auth

type Auth struct {
	Name       string   `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	Username   string   `yaml:"username,omitempty"`
	Password   string   `yaml:"password,omitempty"`
	Privatekey string   `yaml:"privatekey,omitempty"`
	Passphrase string   `yaml:"passphrase,omitempty"`
	Ciphers    []string `yaml:"ciphers,omitempty"`
	Sudotype   string   `yaml:"sudotype,omitempty"`
	Sudopass   string   `yaml:"sudopass,omitempty"`

Auth config

type Auths

type Auths struct {
	As []Auth `yaml:"authmethods,omitempty"`

type BlackCmd

type BlackCmd struct {
	Cmd       string `yaml:"cmd,omitempty"`
	CmdPrefix string `yaml:"cmdprefix,omitempty"`

type Cfg

type Cfg struct {
	Concurrency    int        `yaml:"concurrency,omitempty"`
	Tasktimeout    int        `yaml:"tasktimeout,omitempty"`
	Connecttimeout int        `yaml:"connecttimeout,omitempty"`
	Sftppacketsize int        `yaml:"sftppacketsize,omitempty"`
	CmdSeparator   string     `yaml:"cmdseparator,omitempty"`
	BlackCmdList   []BlackCmd `yaml:"blackcmdlist,omitempty"`
	PromptString   string     `yaml:"promptstring,omitempty"`
	Hostgroupsize  int        `yaml:"hostgroupsize,omitempty"`
	Passcrypttype  string     `yaml:"passcrypttype,omitempty"`
	Passcryptkey   string     `yaml:"passcryptkey,omitempty"`
	HistoryFile    string     `yaml:"historyfile,omitempty"`
	Mostusedcmds   []string   `yaml:"mostusedcmds,omitempty"`
	Updateserver   []string   `yaml:"updateserver,omitempty"`
	Outputtype     string     `yaml:"outputtype,omitempty"`
	Sshciphers     []string   `yaml:"sshciphers,omitempty"`

type Hostgroup

type Hostgroup struct {
	Groupname  string      `yaml:"groupname,omitempty"`
	Authmethod string      `yaml:"authmethod,omitempty"`
	Sshport    int         `yaml:"sshport,omitempty"`
	Hosts      []string    `yaml:"hosts,omitempty"`
	Groups     []string    `yaml:"groups,omitempty"`
	Hostranges []Hostrange `yaml:"hostranges,omitempty"`
	Ips        []string

type Hostgroups

type Hostgroups struct {
	Hgs []Hostgroup `yaml:"hostgroups,omitempty"`

type Hostrange

type Hostrange struct {
	From string `yaml:"from,omitempty"`
	To   string `yaml:"to,omitempty"`

Hosts config

type Hostresult

type Hostresult struct {
	Actiontype string `yaml:"actiontype,omitempty"`
	Groupname  string `yaml:"groupname,omitempty"`
	Hostaddr   string `yaml:"hostaddr,omitempty"`
	Error      string `yaml:"error,omitempty"`
	Stdout     string `yaml:"stdout,omitempty"`
	Stderr     string `yaml:"stderr,omitempty"`


type Latestversion

type Latestversion struct {
	Version string `yaml:"version,omitempty"`
	Release string `yaml:"release,omitempty"`


type Subtask

type Subtask struct {
	Name    string   `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	Mode    string   `yaml:"mode,omitempty"`
	Sudo    bool     `yaml:"sudo,omitempty"`
	Cmds    []string `yaml:"cmds,omitempty"`
	FtpType string   `yaml:"ftptype,omitempty"`
	SrcFile string   `yaml:"srcfile,omitempty"`
	DesDir  string   `yaml:"desdir,omitempty"`

Task config

type Task

type Task struct {
	Name      string    `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	Hostgroup string    `yaml:"hostgroup,omitempty"`
	Subtasks  []Subtask `yaml:"subtasks,omitempty"`

type Taskresult

type Taskresult struct {
	Name    string       `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	Results []Hostresult `yaml:"results,omitempty"`

type Tasks

type Tasks struct {
	Ts []Task `yaml:"tasks,omitempty"`

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