Defines a common set of filters that can be applied in queries for supported databases types.



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const (
	Execution          = "e"
	LaunchPlan         = "l"
	NodeExecution      = "ne"
	NodeExecutionEvent = "nee"
	Task               = "t"
	TaskExecution      = "te"
	Workflow           = "w"
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const AllowedExecutionIDStartCharStr = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"

In kubernetes, resource names must comply with this regex: '[a-z]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?'

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const AllowedExecutionIDStr = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890"
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const EqualExpression = "eq"
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const ExecutionIDLength = 10


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var AllowedExecutionIDChars = []rune(AllowedExecutionIDStr)
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var AllowedExecutionIDStartChars = []rune(AllowedExecutionIDStartCharStr)
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var RuntimeTypeKey = contextutils.Key("runtime_type")
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var RuntimeVersionKey = contextutils.Key("runtime_version")


func GetExecutionName

func GetExecutionName(seed int64) string

func GetInvalidRepeatedValueFilterErr

func GetInvalidRepeatedValueFilterErr(expression FilterExpression) error

func GetInvalidSingleValueFilterErr

func GetInvalidSingleValueFilterErr(expression FilterExpression) error

func GetNamespaceName

func GetNamespaceName(mapping NamespaceMapping, project, domain string) string

GetNamespaceName returns kubernetes namespace name

func GetUnsupportedFilterExpressionErr

func GetUnsupportedFilterExpressionErr(expression FilterExpression) error

func IsExecutionTerminal

func IsExecutionTerminal(phase core.WorkflowExecution_Phase) bool

func IsNodeExecutionTerminal

func IsNodeExecutionTerminal(phase core.NodeExecution_Phase) bool

func IsTaskExecutionTerminal

func IsTaskExecutionTerminal(phase core.TaskExecution_Phase) bool


type CloudProvider

type CloudProvider = string
const (
	AWS   CloudProvider = "aws"
	Local CloudProvider = "local"

type Entity

type Entity = string

type FilterExpression

type FilterExpression int
const (
	Contains FilterExpression = iota

Complete set of filters available for database queries.

type GormQueryExpr

type GormQueryExpr struct {
	Query string
	Args  interface{}

Container for arguments necessary to issue a GORM query.

type InlineFilter

type InlineFilter interface {
	// Returns the entity for which this filter should be applied.
	GetEntity() Entity
	// Generates fields necessary to add a filter to a gorm database query.
	GetGormQueryExpr() (GormQueryExpr, error)
	// Generates fields necessary to add a filter on a gorm database join query.
	GetGormJoinTableQueryExpr(tableName string) (GormQueryExpr, error)

Interface for a single filter expression.

func NewInlineFilter

func NewInlineFilter(entity Entity, function string, field string, value interface{}) (InlineFilter, error)

func NewRepeatedValueFilter

func NewRepeatedValueFilter(entity Entity, function FilterExpression, field string, repeatedValue interface{}) (InlineFilter, error)

Returns a filter which uses a repeated argument value.

func NewSingleValueFilter

func NewSingleValueFilter(entity Entity, function FilterExpression, field string, value interface{}) (InlineFilter, error)

Returns a filter which uses a single argument value.

type MapFilter

type MapFilter interface {
	GetFilter() map[string]interface{}

Interface for a map filter expression.

func NewMapFilter

func NewMapFilter(filter map[string]interface{}) MapFilter

type NamespaceMapping

type NamespaceMapping int
const (
	ProjectDomain NamespaceMapping = iota
	Domain        NamespaceMapping = iota

type SortParameter

type SortParameter interface {
	GetGormOrderExpr() string

func NewSortParameter

func NewSortParameter(sort admin.Sort) (SortParameter, error)


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