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const (
	ErrResponseNotReady errors.ErrorCode = "RESPONSE_NOT_READY"
	ErrSystemError      errors.ErrorCode = "SYSTEM_ERROR"


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func IsNotFound

func IsNotFound(err error) bool

func NewWriterProcessor

func NewWriterProcessor(catalogClient Client) workqueue.Processor


type AsyncClient

type AsyncClient interface {
	// Returns if an entry exists for the given task and input. It returns the data as a LiteralMap
	Download(ctx context.Context, requests ...DownloadRequest) (outputFuture DownloadFuture, err error)

	// Adds a new entry to catalog for the given task execution context and the generated output
	Upload(ctx context.Context, requests ...UploadRequest) (putFuture UploadFuture, err error)

An interface that helps async interaction with catalog service

type AsyncClientImpl

type AsyncClientImpl struct {
	Reader workqueue.IndexedWorkQueue
	Writer workqueue.IndexedWorkQueue

An async-client for catalog that can queue download and upload requests on workqueues.

func NewAsyncClient

func NewAsyncClient(client Client, cfg Config, scope promutils.Scope) (AsyncClientImpl, error)

func (AsyncClientImpl) Download

func (c AsyncClientImpl) Download(ctx context.Context, requests ...DownloadRequest) (outputFuture DownloadFuture, err error)

func (AsyncClientImpl) Start

func (c AsyncClientImpl) Start(ctx context.Context) error

func (AsyncClientImpl) Upload

func (c AsyncClientImpl) Upload(ctx context.Context, requests ...UploadRequest) (putFuture UploadFuture, err error)

type Client

type Client interface {
	Get(ctx context.Context, key Key) (Entry, error)
	Put(ctx context.Context, key Key, reader io.OutputReader, metadata Metadata) (Status, error)

Default Catalog client that allows memoization and indexing of intermediate data in Flyte

type Config

type Config struct {
	ReaderWorkqueueConfig workqueue.Config `` /* 168-byte string literal not displayed */
	WriterWorkqueueConfig workqueue.Config `` /* 168-byte string literal not displayed */

func GetConfig

func GetConfig() *Config

func (Config) GetPFlagSet

func (cfg Config) GetPFlagSet(prefix string) *pflag.FlagSet

GetPFlagSet will return strongly types pflags for all fields in Config and its nested types. The format of the flags is json-name.json-sub-name... etc.

type DownloadFuture

type DownloadFuture interface {

	// Gets the actual response from the future. This will return an error if the future isn't ready yet.
	GetResponse() (DownloadResponse, error)

Catalog download future to represent async process of downloading catalog artifacts.

type DownloadRequest

type DownloadRequest struct {
	Key    Key
	Target io.OutputWriter

Catalog Download Request to represent async operation download request.

type DownloadResponse

type DownloadResponse interface {
	// Gets a bit set representing which items from the request were cached.
	GetCachedResults() *bitarray.BitSet

	// Gets the total size of the cached result.
	GetResultsSize() int

	// A convenience method to retrieve the number of cached items.
	GetCachedCount() int

Catalog download response.

type Entry added in v0.3.38

type Entry struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Indicates the Entry in Catalog that was populated

func NewCatalogEntry added in v0.3.38

func NewCatalogEntry(outputs io.OutputReader, status Status) Entry

func NewFailedCatalogEntry added in v0.3.38

func NewFailedCatalogEntry(status Status) Entry

func (Entry) GetOutputs added in v0.3.38

func (e Entry) GetOutputs() io.OutputReader

func (Entry) GetStatus added in v0.3.38

func (e Entry) GetStatus() Status

type Future

type Future interface {
	// Gets the response status for the future. If the future represents multiple operations, the status will only be
	// ready if all of them are.
	GetResponseStatus() ResponseStatus

	// Sets a callback handler to be called when the future status changes to ready.
	OnReady(handler ReadyHandler)

	GetResponseError() error

A generic Future interface to represent async operations results

type Key

type Key struct {
	Identifier     core.Identifier
	CacheVersion   string
	TypedInterface core.TypedInterface
	InputReader    io.InputReader

An identifier for a catalog object.

func (Key) String

func (k Key) String() string

type Metadata

type Metadata struct {
	WorkflowExecutionIdentifier *core.WorkflowExecutionIdentifier
	NodeExecutionIdentifier     *core.NodeExecutionIdentifier
	TaskExecutionIdentifier     *core.TaskExecutionIdentifier

Metadata to be associated with the catalog object

type ReaderProcessor

type ReaderProcessor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewReaderProcessor

func NewReaderProcessor(catalogClient Client) ReaderProcessor

func (ReaderProcessor) Process

type ReaderWorkItem

type ReaderWorkItem struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewReaderWorkItem

func NewReaderWorkItem(key Key, outputsWriter io.OutputWriter) *ReaderWorkItem

func (ReaderWorkItem) IsCached

func (item ReaderWorkItem) IsCached() bool

type ReadyHandler

type ReadyHandler func(ctx context.Context, future Future)

type ResponseStatus

type ResponseStatus uint8
const (
	ResponseStatusNotReady ResponseStatus = iota

type Status added in v0.3.38

type Status struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Indicates that status of the query to Catalog. This can be returned for both Get and Put calls

func NewStatus added in v0.3.38

func NewStatus(cacheStatus core.CatalogCacheStatus, md *core.CatalogMetadata) Status

func (Status) GetCacheStatus added in v0.3.38

func (s Status) GetCacheStatus() core.CatalogCacheStatus

func (Status) GetMetadata added in v0.3.38

func (s Status) GetMetadata() *core.CatalogMetadata

type UploadFuture

type UploadFuture interface {

Catalog Sidecar future to represent async process of uploading catalog artifacts.

type UploadRequest

type UploadRequest struct {
	Key              Key
	ArtifactData     io.OutputReader
	ArtifactMetadata Metadata

type WriterWorkItem

type WriterWorkItem struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWriterWorkItem

func NewWriterWorkItem(key Key, data io.OutputReader, metadata Metadata) *WriterWorkItem


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