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func ReplaceTemplateCommandArgs

func ReplaceTemplateCommandArgs(ctx context.Context, tExecMeta core.TaskExecutionMetadata, command []string, in io.InputReader,
	out io.OutputFilePaths) ([]string, error)

Evaluates templates in each command with the equivalent value from passed args. Templates are case-insensitive Supported templates are: - {{ .InputFile }} to receive the input file path. The protocol used will depend on the underlying system

configuration. E.g. s3://bucket/key/to/file.pb or /var/run/local.pb are both valid.

- {{ .OutputPrefix }} to receive the path prefix for where to store the outputs. - {{ .Inputs.myInput }} to receive the actual value of the input passed. See docs on LiteralMapToTemplateArgs for how

what to expect each literal type to be serialized as.

If a command isn't a valid template or failed to evaluate, it'll be returned as is. NOTE: I wanted to do in-place replacement, until I realized that in-place replacement will alter the definition of the graph. This is not desirable, as we may have to retry and in that case the replacement will not work and we want to create a new location for outputs


type ErrorCollection

type ErrorCollection struct {
	Errors []error

func (ErrorCollection) Error

func (e ErrorCollection) Error() string

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