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type Config

type Config struct {
	JobStoreConfig     JobStoreConfig        `json:"jobStoreConfig" pflag:",Config for job store"`
	JobDefCacheSize    int                   `` /* 153-byte string literal not displayed */
	GetRateLimiter     aws.RateLimiterConfig `json:"getRateLimiter" pflag:",Rate limiter config for batch get API."`
	DefaultRateLimiter aws.RateLimiterConfig `json:"defaultRateLimiter" pflag:",Rate limiter config for all batch APIs except get."`
	MaxArrayJobSize    int64                 `json:"maxArrayJobSize" pflag:",Maximum size of array job."`
	MinRetries         int32                 `json:"minRetries" pflag:",Minimum number of retries"`
	MaxRetries         int32                 `json:"maxRetries" pflag:",Maximum number of retries"`
	DefaultTimeOut     config.Duration       `json:"defaultTimeout" pflag:",Default timeout for the batch job."`
	// Provide additional environment variable pairs that plugin authors will provide to containers
	DefaultEnvVars       map[string]string `json:"defaultEnvVars" pflag:"-,Additional environment variable that should be injected into every resource"`
	MaxErrorStringLength int               `json:"maxErrLength" pflag:",Determines the maximum length of the error string returned for the array."`
	RoleAnnotationKey    string            `json:"roleAnnotationKey" pflag:",Map key to use to lookup role from task annotations."`
	OutputAssembler      workqueue.Config  `json:"outputAssembler"`
	ErrorAssembler       workqueue.Config  `json:"errorAssembler"`

func GetConfig

func GetConfig() *Config

func (Config) GetPFlagSet

func (cfg Config) GetPFlagSet(prefix string) *pflag.FlagSet

GetPFlagSet will return strongly types pflags for all fields in Config and its nested types. The format of the flags is json-name.json-sub-name... etc.

type JobStoreConfig

type JobStoreConfig struct {
	CacheSize      int             `` /* 144-byte string literal not displayed */
	Parallelizm    int             `json:"parallelizm"`
	BatchChunkSize int             `json:"batchChunkSize" pflag:",Determines the size of each batch sent to GetJobDetails api."`
	ResyncPeriod   config.Duration `json:"resyncPeriod" pflag:",Defines the duration for syncing job details from AWS Batch."`

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