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func ResetSagemakerConfig added in v0.4.7

func ResetSagemakerConfig() error

func SetSagemakerConfig

func SetSagemakerConfig(cfg *Config) error


type Config

type Config struct {
	RoleArn            string                    `json:"roleArn" pflag:",The role the SageMaker plugin uses to communicate with the SageMaker service"`
	Region             string                    `json:"region" pflag:",The AWS region the SageMaker plugin communicates to"`
	RoleAnnotationKey  string                    `json:"roleAnnotationKey" pflag:",Map key to use to lookup role from task annotations."`
	PrebuiltAlgorithms []PrebuiltAlgorithmConfig `json:"prebuiltAlgorithms" pflag:"-,A List of PrebuiltAlgorithm configs"`

Sagemaker plugin configs

func GetSagemakerConfig

func GetSagemakerConfig() *Config

Retrieves the current config value or default.

func (Config) GetPFlagSet

func (cfg Config) GetPFlagSet(prefix string) *pflag.FlagSet

GetPFlagSet will return strongly types pflags for all fields in Config and its nested types. The format of the flags is json-name.json-sub-name... etc.

type PrebuiltAlgorithmConfig

type PrebuiltAlgorithmConfig struct {
	Name           string           `json:"name" pflag:",The name of the ML algorithm. Should match Sagemaker"`
	RegionalConfig []RegionalConfig `json:"regionalConfigs" pflag:"-,Per region specific configuration for this algorithm"`

type RegionalConfig

type RegionalConfig struct {
	Region         string          `json:"region" pflag:",Region for which this config is applicable"`
	VersionConfigs []VersionConfig `json:"versionConfigs" pflag:",Configuration for various versions of the algorithms'"`

type VersionConfig

type VersionConfig struct {
	Version string `json:"version" pflag:",version of the algorithm"`
	Image   string `json:"image" pflag:",Image URI of the algorithm"`

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