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Package storage is a generated GoMock package.



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func GetQueryTerminatorTagName

func GetQueryTerminatorTagName(query string) []byte

GetQueryTerminatorTagName will return the name for the terminator matcher in the given pattern. This is useful for filtering out any additional results.


type DataOptions

type DataOptions struct {
	// Timeout determines a custom timeout for the context. If set to 0, uses
	// the default timeout.
	Timeout time.Duration

DataOptions provide data context.

type FetchOptions

type FetchOptions struct {
	// StartTime is the start time for the fetch.
	StartTime time.Time
	// EndTime is the end time for the fetch.
	EndTime time.Time
	// DataOptions are the options for the fetch.
	// QueryFetchOpts are the query storage fetch options.
	QueryFetchOpts *querystorage.FetchOptions

FetchOptions provides context to a fetch expression.

type FetchResult

type FetchResult struct {
	// SeriesList is the aggregated list of results across all underlying storage
	// calls.
	SeriesList []*ts.Series
	// Metadata contains any additional metadata indicating information about
	// series execution.
	Metadata block.ResultMetadata

FetchResult provides a fetch result and meta information.

func NewFetchResult

func NewFetchResult(
	ctx context.Context,
	seriesList []*ts.Series,
	resultMeta block.ResultMetadata,
) *FetchResult

NewFetchResult is a convenience method for creating a FetchResult.

func (*FetchResult) Close

func (fr *FetchResult) Close() error

Close will return the fetch result to the pool.

func (*FetchResult) Reset

func (fr *FetchResult) Reset()

Reset will wipe out existing fetch result data.

type M3WrappedStorageOptions added in v0.15.16

type M3WrappedStorageOptions struct {
	AggregateNamespacesAllData                 bool
	ShiftTimeStart                             time.Duration
	ShiftTimeEnd                               time.Duration
	ShiftStepsStart                            int
	ShiftStepsEnd                              int
	ShiftStepsStartWhenAtResolutionBoundary    *int
	ShiftStepsEndWhenAtResolutionBoundary      *int
	ShiftStepsStartWhenEndAtResolutionBoundary *int
	ShiftStepsEndWhenStartAtResolutionBoundary *int
	RenderPartialStart                         bool
	RenderPartialEnd                           bool
	RenderSeriesAllNaNs                        bool
	CompileEscapeAllNotOnlyQuotes              bool
	FindResultsIncludeBothExpandableAndLeaf    bool

M3WrappedStorageOptions is the graphite storage options.

type MockStorage added in v0.15.12

type MockStorage struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockStorage is a mock of Storage interface.

func NewMockStorage added in v0.15.12

func NewMockStorage(ctrl *gomock.Controller) *MockStorage

NewMockStorage creates a new mock instance.

func (*MockStorage) CompleteTags added in v1.2.0

CompleteTags mocks base method.

func (*MockStorage) EXPECT added in v0.15.12

func (m *MockStorage) EXPECT() *MockStorageMockRecorder

EXPECT returns an object that allows the caller to indicate expected use.

func (*MockStorage) FetchByQuery added in v0.15.12

func (m *MockStorage) FetchByQuery(arg0 context0.Context, arg1 string, arg2 FetchOptions) (*FetchResult, error)

FetchByQuery mocks base method.

type MockStorageMockRecorder added in v0.15.12

type MockStorageMockRecorder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MockStorageMockRecorder is the mock recorder for MockStorage.

func (*MockStorageMockRecorder) CompleteTags added in v1.2.0

func (mr *MockStorageMockRecorder) CompleteTags(arg0, arg1, arg2 interface{}) *gomock.Call

CompleteTags indicates an expected call of CompleteTags.

func (*MockStorageMockRecorder) FetchByQuery added in v0.15.12

func (mr *MockStorageMockRecorder) FetchByQuery(arg0, arg1, arg2 interface{}) *gomock.Call

FetchByQuery indicates an expected call of FetchByQuery.

type Storage

type Storage interface {
	// FetchByQuery fetches timeseries data based on a query.
		ctx context.Context,
		query string,
		opts FetchOptions,
	) (*FetchResult, error)

	// CompleteTags fetches tag data based on a request.
		ctx stdcontext.Context,
		query *querystorage.CompleteTagsQuery,
		opts *querystorage.FetchOptions,
	) (*consolidators.CompleteTagsResult, error)

Storage provides an interface for retrieving timeseries values or names based upon a query or path.

func NewM3WrappedStorage

func NewM3WrappedStorage(
	m3storage storage.Storage,
	m3dbOpts m3.Options,
	instrumentOpts instrument.Options,
	opts M3WrappedStorageOptions,
) Storage

NewM3WrappedStorage creates a graphite storage wrapper around an m3query storage instance.

type TranslatedQueryType added in v1.2.0

type TranslatedQueryType uint

TranslatedQueryType describes a translated query type.

const (
	// TerminatedTranslatedQuery is a query that is terminated at an explicit
	// leaf node (i.e. specific graphite path index number).
	TerminatedTranslatedQuery TranslatedQueryType = iota
	// StarStarUnterminatedTranslatedQuery is a query that is not terminated by
	// an explicit leaf node since it matches indefinite child nodes due to
	// a "**" in the query which matches indefinited child nodes.

func TranslateQueryToMatchersWithTerminator added in v0.8.0

func TranslateQueryToMatchersWithTerminator(
	query string,
) (models.Matchers, TranslatedQueryType, error)

TranslateQueryToMatchersWithTerminator converts a graphite query to tag matcher pairs, and adds a terminator matcher to the end.

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