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const (
	// M3DBServiceName is the service name for M3DB.
	M3DBServiceName = "m3db"
	// M3AggregatorServiceName is the service name for M3Aggregator.
	M3AggregatorServiceName = "m3aggregator"
	// M3CoordinatorServiceName is the service name for M3Coordinator.
	M3CoordinatorServiceName = "m3coordinator"


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func AllowedServices

func AllowedServices() []string

AllowedServices returns the list of valid M3 services.

func IsAllowedService

func IsAllowedService(svc string) bool

IsAllowedService returns whether a service name is a valid M3 service.


type M3AggServiceOptions

type M3AggServiceOptions struct {
	MaxAggregationWindowSize time.Duration
	WarmupDuration           time.Duration

M3AggServiceOptions contains the service options that are specific to the M3Agg service.

type ServiceNameAndDefaults

type ServiceNameAndDefaults struct {
	ServiceName string
	Defaults    []ServiceOptionsDefault

ServiceNameAndDefaults is the params used when identifying a service and it's service option defaults.

type ServiceOptions

type ServiceOptions struct {
	ServiceName        string
	ServiceEnvironment string
	ServiceZone        string

	M3Agg *M3AggServiceOptions

	DryRun bool
	Force  bool

ServiceOptions are the options for Service.

func NewServiceOptions

func NewServiceOptions(
	service ServiceNameAndDefaults,
	header http.Header,
	m3AggOpts *M3AggServiceOptions,
) ServiceOptions

NewServiceOptions returns a ServiceOptions based on the provided values.

func (*ServiceOptions) KVOverrideOptions

func (opts *ServiceOptions) KVOverrideOptions() kv.OverrideOptions

KVOverrideOptions constructs KV overrides from the current service options.

func (*ServiceOptions) ServiceID

func (opts *ServiceOptions) ServiceID() services.ServiceID

ServiceID constructs a cluster services ID from the options.

func (*ServiceOptions) Validate

func (opts *ServiceOptions) Validate() error

Validate ensures the service options are valid.

type ServiceOptionsDefault

type ServiceOptionsDefault func(o ServiceOptions) ServiceOptions

ServiceOptionsDefault is a default to apply to service options.

func WithDefaultServiceEnvironment

func WithDefaultServiceEnvironment(env string) ServiceOptionsDefault

WithDefaultServiceEnvironment returns the default service environment.

func WithDefaultServiceZone

func WithDefaultServiceZone(zone string) ServiceOptionsDefault

WithDefaultServiceZone returns the default service zone.

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