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Published: Apr 7, 2022 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 33 Imported by: 2




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const (
	// FindURL is the url for finding graphite metrics.
	FindURL = route.Prefix + "/graphite/metrics/find"
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const (
	// ReadURL is the url for the graphite query handler.
	ReadURL = route.Prefix + "/graphite/render"


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var FindHTTPMethods = []string{http.MethodGet, http.MethodPost}

FindHTTPMethods are the HTTP methods for this handler.

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var ReadHTTPMethods = []string{http.MethodGet, http.MethodPost}

ReadHTTPMethods are the HTTP methods used with this resource.


func NewFindHandler

func NewFindHandler(opts options.HandlerOptions) http.Handler

NewFindHandler returns a new instance of handler.

func NewRenderHandler

func NewRenderHandler(opts options.HandlerOptions) http.Handler

NewRenderHandler returns a new render handler around the given storage.

func WriteRenderResponse

func WriteRenderResponse(
	w http.ResponseWriter,
	series ts.SeriesList,
	format string,
	opts renderResultsJSONOptions,
) error

WriteRenderResponse writes the response to a render request


type RenderRequest

type RenderRequest struct {
	Targets       []string
	Format        string
	From          time.Time
	Until         time.Time
	MaxDataPoints int64
	Compare       time.Duration
	Timeout       time.Duration

RenderRequest are the arguments to a render call.

func ParseRenderRequest

func ParseRenderRequest(
	ctx context.Context,
	r *http.Request,
	fetchOptsBuilder handleroptions.FetchOptionsBuilder,
) (context.Context, RenderRequest, *storage.FetchOptions, error)

ParseRenderRequest parses the arguments to a render call from an incoming request.


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