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go-tm - Make a Turing Machine easily

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go-tm is a library to implement both deterministic and non deterministic Turing machines easily. A related blog-post is here.

The Turing machine is a mathematical model of computation that defines an abstract machine which manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a list of rules. Formally, it is defined as an infinite tape of 0 with a pointer (identified by square bracket) to one specific zero,

... 0 0 0 0 0 [0] 0 0 0 0 0  ...

a set of states identified by letters (or numbers),

{A, B, C}

and a list of transactions, like the one

(A, 0, B, 1, R);

where a single transaction like (A, 0, B, 1, R) has to been read as

Given a Turing machine in state A with the pointer over a 0, write 1, evolve to state B and move the pointer by one position in right direction over the tape.

The pointer can only be moved by one position at time, left, right, or stay where it is.

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Just get the library by:

go get github.com/made2591/go-tm


To create a new Symbol, use the NewSymbol() factory method

// will create a new Symbol with value 0
sym := NewSymbol(uint8(0))

To create a new State, use the NewState() or NewStateInitial() or NewStateFinal() factory methods

// will create a three new State, one with Identifier "A", one INITIAL and one FINAL
sts := NewState("A")
ins := NewStateInitial()
fis := NewStateFinal()

To create a new Transaction, use the NewTransaction() factory method

// will move from INITIAL State, reading 0, writing 0, to state "B"
tr0 := transaction.NewTransaction(state.NewInitialState(), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(0)), state.NewState("B"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(1)), "N")

To init a new TuringMachine to play the BB-2 Game

// create states set
iss := set.NewSet()
fss := set.NewSet()
trs := set.NewSet()

// create transaction
tr0 := transaction.NewTransaction(state.NewInitialState(), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(0)), state.NewState("A"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(0)), "N")
tr1 := transaction.NewTransaction(state.NewState("A"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(0)), state.NewState("B"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(1)), "R")
tr2 := transaction.NewTransaction(state.NewState("A"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(1)), state.NewState("B"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(1)), "L")
tr3 := transaction.NewTransaction(state.NewState("B"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(0)), state.NewState("A"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(1)), "L")
tr4 := transaction.NewTransaction(state.NewState("B"), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(1)), state.NewFinalState(), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(1)), "R")
// add transaction to set

// init the Turing Machine
tm := turingMachine.NewTuringMachine(iss, fss, trs, state.NewState(state.INITIAL), symbol.NewSymbol(uint8(0)))

// run the Turing Machine

or, from inside the root folder of the project

go run main.go


Please open an issue for support.


Please contribute using Github Flow. Create a branch, add commits, and open a pull request.


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