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Go library with various time utilities used at Mailgun.




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type FreezedTime

type FreezedTime struct {
	CurrentTime time.Time

FreezedTime is manually controlled time for use in tests.

func (*FreezedTime) Sleep

func (t *FreezedTime) Sleep(d time.Duration)

func (*FreezedTime) UtcNow

func (t *FreezedTime) UtcNow() time.Time

type RFC2822Time

type RFC2822Time time.Time

We use RFC2822 format for timestamps everywhere ('Thu, 13 Oct 2011 18:02:00 GMT'), but by default Go's JSON package uses another format when decoding/encoding timestamps. That's why we declare our own timestamp type and implement its marshal/unmarshal methods so JSON package decodes/encodes it properly.

func NewRFC2822Time

func NewRFC2822Time(timestamp int64) RFC2822Time

func (RFC2822Time) IsZero

func (t RFC2822Time) IsZero() bool

func (RFC2822Time) MarshalJSON

func (t RFC2822Time) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

func (RFC2822Time) String

func (t RFC2822Time) String() string

func (RFC2822Time) Unix

func (t RFC2822Time) Unix() int64

func (*RFC2822Time) UnmarshalJSON

func (t *RFC2822Time) UnmarshalJSON(s []byte) error

type RealTime

type RealTime struct {

RealTime is a real clock time, used in production.

func (*RealTime) Sleep

func (*RealTime) Sleep(d time.Duration)

func (*RealTime) UtcNow

func (*RealTime) UtcNow() time.Time

type TimeProvider

type TimeProvider interface {
	UtcNow() time.Time

TimeProvider is an interface we use to mock time in tests.

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