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func BuiltInProviders

func BuiltInProviders() map[string]cloud.Cloud

BuiltInProviders returns cloud information for those providers which are built in to Juju.

func CloudOrProvider

func CloudOrProvider(cloudName string, cloudByNameFunc func(string) (*cloud.Cloud, error)) (cloud *cloud.Cloud, err error)

CloudOrProvider finds and returns cloud or provider.

func ConformYAML

func ConformYAML(input interface{}) (interface{}, error)

ConformYAML ensures all keys of any nested maps are strings. This is necessary because YAML unmarshals map[interface{}]interface{} in nested maps, which cannot be serialized by bson. Also, handle []interface{}. cf. cleanse

func FormatTime

func FormatTime(t *time.Time, formatISO bool) string

FormatTime returns a string with the local time formatted in an arbitrary format used for status or and localized tz or in UTC timezone and format RFC3339 if u is specified.

func GUIDataSourceBaseURL

func GUIDataSourceBaseURL() string

GUIDataSourceBaseURL returns the default base URL to use for the Juju GUI simplestreams data source. The default value can be overridden by setting the JUJU_GUI_SIMPLESTREAMS_URL environment variable.

func LastConnection

func LastConnection(connectionTime *time.Time, now time.Time, exact bool) string

LastConnection turns the *time.Time returned from the API server into a user facing string with either exact time or a user friendly string based on the args.

func ModelUserInfoFromParams

func ModelUserInfoFromParams(users []params.ModelUserInfo, now time.Time) map[string]ModelUserInfo

ModelUserInfoFromParams translates []params.ModelInfo to a map of user names to ModelUserInfo.

func SortStringsNaturally

func SortStringsNaturally(s []string) []string

SortStringsNaturally sorts strings according to their natural sort order.

func UserFriendlyDuration

func UserFriendlyDuration(when, now time.Time) string

UserFriendlyDuration translates a time in the past into a user friendly string representation relative to the "now" time argument.


type CmdBlockHelper

type CmdBlockHelper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CmdBlockHelper is a helper struct used to block commands.

func NewCmdBlockHelper

func NewCmdBlockHelper(st api.Connection) CmdBlockHelper

NewCmdBlockHelper creates a block switch used in testing to manage desired juju blocks.

func (*CmdBlockHelper) AssertBlocked

func (s *CmdBlockHelper) AssertBlocked(c *gc.C, err error, msg string)

func (*CmdBlockHelper) BlockAllChanges

func (s *CmdBlockHelper) BlockAllChanges(c *gc.C, msg string)

BlockAllChanges switches changes block on. This prevents all changes to juju environment.

func (*CmdBlockHelper) BlockDestroyModel

func (s *CmdBlockHelper) BlockDestroyModel(c *gc.C, msg string)

BlockDestroyModel switches destroy block on. This prevents juju environment destruction.

func (*CmdBlockHelper) BlockRemoveObject

func (s *CmdBlockHelper) BlockRemoveObject(c *gc.C, msg string)

BlockRemoveObject switches remove block on. This prevents any object/entity removal on juju environment

func (*CmdBlockHelper) Close

func (s *CmdBlockHelper) Close()

type ConfigFlag

type ConfigFlag struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ConfigFlag records k=v attributes from command arguments and/or specified files containing key values.

func (*ConfigFlag) ReadAttrs

func (f *ConfigFlag) ReadAttrs(ctx *cmd.Context) (map[string]interface{}, error)

ReadAttrs reads attributes from the specified files, and then overlays the results with the k=v attributes.

func (*ConfigFlag) Set

func (f *ConfigFlag) Set(s string) error

Set implements gnuflag.Value.Set.

func (*ConfigFlag) String

func (f *ConfigFlag) String() string

String implements gnuflag.Value.String.

type ModelInfo

type ModelInfo struct {
	Name           string                   `json:"name" yaml:"name"`
	UUID           string                   `json:"model-uuid" yaml:"model-uuid"`
	ControllerUUID string                   `json:"controller-uuid" yaml:"controller-uuid"`
	Owner          string                   `json:"owner" yaml:"owner"`
	ProviderType   string                   `json:"type" yaml:"type"`
	Life           string                   `json:"life" yaml:"life"`
	Status         ModelStatus              `json:"status" yaml:"status"`
	Users          map[string]ModelUserInfo `json:"users" yaml:"users"`

ModelInfo contains information about a model.

func ModelInfoFromParams

func ModelInfoFromParams(info params.ModelInfo, now time.Time) (ModelInfo, error)

ModelInfoFromParams translates a params.ModelInfo to ModelInfo.

type ModelStatus

type ModelStatus struct {
	Current status.Status `json:"current" yaml:"current"`
	Message string        `json:"message,omitempty" yaml:"message,omitempty"`
	Since   string        `json:"since,omitempty" yaml:"since,omitempty"`

ModelStatus contains the current status of a model.

type ModelUserInfo

type ModelUserInfo struct {
	DisplayName    string `yaml:"display-name,omitempty" json:"display-name,omitempty"`
	Access         string `yaml:"access" json:"access"`
	LastConnection string `yaml:"last-connection" json:"last-connection"`

ModelUserInfo defines the serialization behaviour of the model user information.

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