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func IsMachineOrNewContainer

func IsMachineOrNewContainer(spec string) bool

    IsMachineOrNewContainer returns whether spec is a valid machine id or new container definition.

    func NewAddRelationCommand

    func NewAddRelationCommand() cmd.Command

      NewAddRelationCommand returns a command to add a relation between 2 services.

      func NewAddUnitCommand

      func NewAddUnitCommand() cmd.Command

        NewAddUnitCommand returns a command that adds a unit[s] to a service.

        func NewDeployCommand

        func NewDeployCommand() cmd.Command

          NewDeployCommand returns a command to deploy services.

          func NewExposeCommand

          func NewExposeCommand() cmd.Command

            NewExposeCommand returns a command to expose services.

            func NewGetCommand

            func NewGetCommand() cmd.Command

              NewGetCommand returns a command used to get service attributes.

              func NewRemoveRelationCommand

              func NewRemoveRelationCommand() cmd.Command

                NewRemoveRelationCommand returns a command to remove a relation between 2 services.

                func NewRemoveServiceCommand

                func NewRemoveServiceCommand() cmd.Command

                  NewRemoveServiceCommand returns a command which removes a service.

                  func NewRemoveUnitCommand

                  func NewRemoveUnitCommand() cmd.Command

                    NewRemoveUnitCommand returns a command which removes a service's units.

                    func NewServiceGetConstraintsCommand

                    func NewServiceGetConstraintsCommand() cmd.Command

                      NewServiceGetConstraintsCommand returns a command which gets service constraints.

                      func NewServiceSetConstraintsCommand

                      func NewServiceSetConstraintsCommand() cmd.Command

                        NewServiceSetConstraintsCommand returns a command which sets service constraints.

                        func NewSetCommand

                        func NewSetCommand() cmd.Command

                          NewSetCommand returns a command used to set service attributes.

                          func NewUnexposeCommand

                          func NewUnexposeCommand() cmd.Command

                            NewUnexposeCommand returns a command to unexpose services.

                            func NewUpgradeCharmCommand

                            func NewUpgradeCharmCommand() cmd.Command

                              NewUpgradeCharmCommand returns a command which upgrades service's charm.


                              type APICmd

                              type APICmd interface {
                              	NewAPIRoot() (api.Connection, error)

                              type DeployCommand

                              type DeployCommand struct {
                              	// CharmOrBundle is either a charm URL, a path where a charm can be found,
                              	// or a bundle name.
                              	CharmOrBundle string
                              	// Channel holds the charmstore channel to use when obtaining
                              	// the charm to be deployed.
                              	Channel csclientparams.Channel
                              	Series string
                              	// Force is used to allow a charm to be deployed onto a machine
                              	// running an unsupported series.
                              	Force bool
                              	ServiceName  string
                              	Config       cmd.FileVar
                              	Constraints  constraints.Value
                              	BindToSpaces string
                              	// TODO(axw) move this to UnitCommandBase once we support --storage
                              	// on add-unit too.
                              	// Storage is a map of storage constraints, keyed on the storage name
                              	// defined in charm storage metadata.
                              	Storage map[string]storage.Constraints
                              	// BundleStorage maps service names to maps of storage constraints keyed on
                              	// the storage name defined in that service's charm storage metadata.
                              	BundleStorage map[string]map[string]storage.Constraints
                              	// Resources is a map of resource name to filename to be uploaded on deploy.
                              	Resources map[string]string
                              	Bindings map[string]string
                              	Steps    []DeployStep
                              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                              func (*DeployCommand) Info

                              func (c *DeployCommand) Info() *cmd.Info

                              func (*DeployCommand) Init

                              func (c *DeployCommand) Init(args []string) error

                              func (*DeployCommand) Run

                              func (c *DeployCommand) Run(ctx *cmd.Context) error

                              func (*DeployCommand) SetFlags

                              func (c *DeployCommand) SetFlags(f *gnuflag.FlagSet)

                              type DeployStep

                              type DeployStep interface {
                              	// Set flags necessary for the deploy step.
                              	// RunPre runs before the call is made to add the charm to the environment.
                              	RunPre(api.Connection, *httpbakery.Client, *cmd.Context, DeploymentInfo) error
                              	// RunPost runs after the call is made to add the charm to the environment.
                              	// The error parameter is used to notify the step of a previously occurred error.
                              	RunPost(api.Connection, *httpbakery.Client, *cmd.Context, DeploymentInfo, error) error

                                DeployStep is an action that needs to be taken during charm deployment.

                                type DeploymentInfo

                                type DeploymentInfo struct {
                                	CharmID     charmstore.CharmID
                                	ServiceName string
                                	ModelUUID   string

                                  DeploymentInfo is used to maintain all deployment information for deployment steps.

                                  type ModelConfigGetter

                                  type ModelConfigGetter interface {
                                  	ModelGet() (map[string]interface{}, error)

                                  type RegisterMeteredCharm

                                  type RegisterMeteredCharm struct {
                                  	AllocationSpec string
                                  	Plan           string
                                  	RegisterURL    string
                                  	QueryURL       string
                                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                    RegisterMeteredCharm implements the DeployStep interface.

                                    func (*RegisterMeteredCharm) RunPost

                                    func (r *RegisterMeteredCharm) RunPost(state api.Connection, bakeryClient *httpbakery.Client, ctx *cmd.Context, deployInfo DeploymentInfo, prevErr error) error

                                      RunPost sends credentials obtained during the call to RunPre to the controller.

                                      func (*RegisterMeteredCharm) RunPre

                                      func (r *RegisterMeteredCharm) RunPre(state api.Connection, bakeryClient *httpbakery.Client, ctx *cmd.Context, deployInfo DeploymentInfo) error

                                        RunPre obtains authorization to deploy this charm. The authorization, if received is not sent to the controller, rather it is kept as an attribute on RegisterMeteredCharm.

                                        func (*RegisterMeteredCharm) SetFlags

                                        func (r *RegisterMeteredCharm) SetFlags(f *gnuflag.FlagSet)

                                        type ServiceAPI

                                        type ServiceAPI interface {
                                        	Close() error
                                        	Destroy(serviceName string) error
                                        	DestroyUnits(unitNames ...string) error
                                        	GetCharmURL(serviceName string) (*charm.URL, error)
                                        	ModelUUID() string

                                        type UnitCommandBase

                                        type UnitCommandBase struct {
                                        	// PlacementSpec is the raw string command arg value used to specify placement directives.
                                        	PlacementSpec string
                                        	// Placement is the result of parsing the PlacementSpec arg value.
                                        	Placement []*instance.Placement
                                        	NumUnits  int

                                          UnitCommandBase provides support for commands which deploy units. It handles the parsing and validation of --to and --num-units arguments.

                                          func (*UnitCommandBase) Init

                                          func (c *UnitCommandBase) Init(args []string) error

                                          func (*UnitCommandBase) SetFlags

                                          func (c *UnitCommandBase) SetFlags(f *gnuflag.FlagSet)