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func NewAddCommand

func NewAddCommand() cmd.Command

NewAddCommand returns a command used to add an existing subnet to Juju.

func NewCreateCommand

func NewCreateCommand() cmd.Command

NewCreateCommand returns a command to create a new subnet.

func NewListCommand

func NewListCommand() cmd.Command

NewListCommand returns a cammin used to list all subnets known to Juju.

func NewRemoveCommand

func NewRemoveCommand() cmd.Command

NewRemoveCommand returns a command used to remove an unused subnet from Juju.


type RunOnAPI

type RunOnAPI func(api SubnetAPI, ctx *cmd.Context) error

type SubnetAPI

type SubnetAPI interface {

	// AddSubnet adds an existing subnet to Juju.
	AddSubnet(cidr names.SubnetTag, id network.Id, spaceTag names.SpaceTag, zones []string) error

	// ListSubnets returns information about subnets known to Juju,
	// optionally filtered by space and/or zone (both can be empty).
	ListSubnets(withSpace *names.SpaceTag, withZone string) ([]params.Subnet, error)

	// AllZones returns all availability zones known to Juju.
	AllZones() ([]string, error)

	// AllSpaces returns all Juju network spaces.
	AllSpaces() ([]names.Tag, error)

	// CreateSubnet creates a new Juju subnet.
	CreateSubnet(subnetCIDR names.SubnetTag, spaceTag names.SpaceTag, zones []string, isPublic bool) error

	// RemoveSubnet marks an existing subnet as no longer used, which
	// will cause it to get removed at some point after all its
	// related entites are cleaned up. It will fail if the subnet is
	// still in use by any machines.
	RemoveSubnet(subnetCIDR names.SubnetTag) error

SubnetAPI defines the necessary API methods needed by the subnet subcommands.

type SubnetCommandBase

type SubnetCommandBase struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SubnetCommandBase is the base type embedded into all subnet subcommands.

func (*SubnetCommandBase) CheckNumArgs

func (s *SubnetCommandBase) CheckNumArgs(args []string, errors []error) error

CheckNumArgs is a helper used to validate the number of arguments passed to Init(). If the number of arguments is X, errors[X] (if set) will be returned, otherwise no error occurs.

func (*SubnetCommandBase) NewAPI

func (c *SubnetCommandBase) NewAPI() (SubnetAPI, error)

NewAPI returns a SubnetAPI for the root api endpoint that the environment command returns.

func (*SubnetCommandBase) RunWithAPI

func (c *SubnetCommandBase) RunWithAPI(ctx *cmd.Context, toRun RunOnAPI) error

func (*SubnetCommandBase) ValidateCIDR

func (s *SubnetCommandBase) ValidateCIDR(given string, strict bool) (names.SubnetTag, error)

ValidateCIDR parses given and returns an error if it's not valid. If the CIDR is incorrectly specified (e.g. instead of and strict is false, the correctly parsed CIDR in the expected format is returned instead without an error. Otherwise, when strict is true and given is incorrectly formatted, an error will be returned.

func (*SubnetCommandBase) ValidateSpace

func (s *SubnetCommandBase) ValidateSpace(given string) (names.SpaceTag, error)

ValidateSpace parses given and returns an error if it's not a valid space name, otherwise returns the parsed tag and no error.

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