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This directory is the copy of Google's pprof shipped as part of the Go distribution.
The bulk of the code is vendored from github.com/google/pprof and is in

Two important notes:

1. Using github.com/google/pprof directly (for example, after installing
with "go get") should work with Go programs, but we cannot guarantee that.
What we test is that the "go tool pprof" shipped with each Go release works
with programs from that release.

2. Pprof is used inside Google for C++, Java, and Go programs.
Because it was developed for that broader context, it is overgeneralized
when used here for the specific use case of profiling standard Go programs.
However, we've left the abstractions intact in order to share updates
between our vendored copy and Google's internal one.
Please do not take the level of abstraction in this program as an example
to follow in your own.



Pprof interprets and displays profiles of Go programs.


go tool pprof binary profile

For more information, see https://blog.golang.org/profiling-go-programs.

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