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Package metrics provides service for collecting various metrics about peers. It is intended to be used with the kademlia where the metrics are collected.



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type Collector

type Collector struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Collector collects various metrics about peers specified be the swarm.Address.

func NewCollector

func NewCollector(db *shed.DB) *Collector

NewCollector is a convenient constructor for creating new Collector.

func (*Collector) Finalize

func (c *Collector) Finalize(t time.Time) error

Finalize logs out all ongoing peer sessions and flushes all in-memory metrics counters.

func (*Collector) Flush

func (c *Collector) Flush(addresses ...swarm.Address) error

Flush sync the dirty in memory counters by flushing their values to the underlying storage. If an address or a set of addresses is specified then only counters related to them will be flushed, otherwise counters for all peers will be flushed.

func (*Collector) Inspect

func (c *Collector) Inspect(addr swarm.Address, fn func(ss *Snapshot))

Inspect allows to inspect current snapshot for the given peer address by executing the inspection function.

func (*Collector) Record

func (c *Collector) Record(addr swarm.Address, rop ...RecordOp)

Record records a set of metrics for peer specified by the given address.

func (*Collector) Snapshot

func (c *Collector) Snapshot(t time.Time, addresses ...swarm.Address) map[string]*Snapshot

Snapshot returns the current state of the metrics collector for peer(s). The given time t is used to calculate the duration of the current session, if any. If an address or a set of addresses is specified then only metrics related to them will be returned, otherwise metrics for all peers will be returned. If the peer is still logged in, the session-related counters will be evaluated against the last seen time, which equals to the login time. If the peer is logged out, then the session counters will reflect its last session.

type Counters

type Counters struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Counters represents a collection of peer metrics mainly collected for statistics and debugging.

type PeerConnectionDirection

type PeerConnectionDirection string

PeerConnectionDirection represents peer connection direction.

const (
	PeerConnectionDirectionInbound  PeerConnectionDirection = "inbound"
	PeerConnectionDirectionOutbound PeerConnectionDirection = "outbound"

type RecordOp

type RecordOp func(*Counters)

RecordOp is a definition of a peer metrics Record operation whose execution modifies a specific metrics.

func IncSessionConnectionRetry

func IncSessionConnectionRetry() RecordOp

IncSessionConnectionRetry increments the session connection retry counter by 1.

func PeerLogIn

func PeerLogIn(t time.Time, dir PeerConnectionDirection) RecordOp

PeerLogIn will first update the current last seen to the give time t and as the second it'll set the direction of the session connection to the given value. The force flag will force the peer re-login if he's already logged in. The time is set as Unix timestamp ignoring the timezone. The operation will panics if the given time is before the Unix epoch.

func PeerLogOut

func PeerLogOut(t time.Time) RecordOp

PeerLogOut will first update the connection session and total duration with the difference of the given time t and the current last seen value. As the second it'll also update the last seen peer metrics to the given time t. The time is set as Unix timestamp ignoring the timezone. The operation will panics if the given time is before the Unix epoch.

type Snapshot

type Snapshot struct {
	LastSeenTimestamp          int64
	SessionConnectionRetry     uint64
	ConnectionTotalDuration    time.Duration
	SessionConnectionDuration  time.Duration
	SessionConnectionDirection PeerConnectionDirection

Snapshot represents a snapshot of peers' metrics counters.

func (*Snapshot) HasAtMaxOneConnectionAttempt

func (ss *Snapshot) HasAtMaxOneConnectionAttempt() bool

HasAtMaxOneConnectionAttempt returns true if the snapshot represents a new peer which has at maximum one session connection attempt but it still isn't logged in.

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