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func LocateSingleAMI

func LocateSingleAMI(id string, ec2Conn *ec2.EC2) (*ec2.Image, error)

    LocateSingleAMI tries to locate a single AMI for the given ID.


    type AmiCopy

    type AmiCopy interface {
    	Copy(ui *packer.Ui) error
    	Input() *ec2.CopyImageInput
    	Output() *ec2.CopyImageOutput
    	Tag() error
    	TargetAccountID() string

      AmiCopy defines the interface to copy images

      type AmiCopyImpl

      type AmiCopyImpl struct {
      	EC2 *ec2.EC2
      	SourceImage     *ec2.Image
      	EnsureAvailable bool
      	KeepArtifact    bool
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        AmiCopyImpl holds data and methods related to copying an image.

        func (*AmiCopyImpl) Copy

        func (ac *AmiCopyImpl) Copy(ui *packer.Ui) (err error)

          Copy will perform an EC2 copy based on the `Input` field. It will also call Tag to copy the source tags, if any.

          func (*AmiCopyImpl) Input

          func (ac *AmiCopyImpl) Input() *ec2.CopyImageInput

          func (*AmiCopyImpl) Output

          func (ac *AmiCopyImpl) Output() *ec2.CopyImageOutput

          func (*AmiCopyImpl) SetInput

          func (ac *AmiCopyImpl) SetInput(input *ec2.CopyImageInput)

          func (*AmiCopyImpl) SetTargetAccountID

          func (ac *AmiCopyImpl) SetTargetAccountID(id string)

          func (*AmiCopyImpl) Tag

          func (ac *AmiCopyImpl) Tag() (err error)

            Tag will copy tags from the source image to the target (if any).

            func (*AmiCopyImpl) TargetAccountID

            func (ac *AmiCopyImpl) TargetAccountID() string

            type AmiManifest

            type AmiManifest struct {
            	AccountID string `json:"account_id"`
            	Region    string `json:"region"`
            	ImageID   string `json:"image_id"`

              AmiManifest holds the data about the resulting copied image

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