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var LocalSpanStoreEnabled bool
var Trace interface{}

Trace allows internal access to some trace functionality. TODO(#412): remove this

var UserAgent = fmt.Sprintf("opencensus-go [%s]", opencensus.Version())

UserAgent is the user agent to be added to the outgoing requests from the exporters.

func MonotonicEndTime

func MonotonicEndTime(start time.Time) time.Time

MonotonicEndTime returns the end time at present but offset from start, monotonically.

The monotonic clock is used in subtractions hence the duration since start added back to start gives end as a monotonic time. See

func Sanitize

func Sanitize(s string) string

Sanitize returns a string that is trunacated to 100 characters if it's too long, and replaces non-alphanumeric characters to underscores.

type BucketConfiguration

type BucketConfiguration struct {
	Name                 string
	MaxRequestsSucceeded int
	MaxRequestsErrors    int

BucketConfiguration stores the number of samples to store for span buckets for successful and failed spans for a particular span name.

type ErrorBucketSummary

type ErrorBucketSummary struct {
	ErrorCode int32
	Size      int

ErrorBucketSummary is a summary of an error bucket.

type LatencyBucketSummary

type LatencyBucketSummary struct {
	MinLatency, MaxLatency time.Duration
	Size                   int

LatencyBucketSummary is a summary of a latency bucket.

type PerMethodSummary

type PerMethodSummary struct {
	Active         int
	LatencyBuckets []LatencyBucketSummary
	ErrorBuckets   []ErrorBucketSummary

PerMethodSummary is a summary of the spans stored for a single span name.

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