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Micro DNS-server that implements wildcard-ip DNS magic functionality:  resolves to
    www.  resolves to
 mysite.  resolves to
foo.bar.  resolves to

It's like your own xip.io

TLS Mode

Optionally go-wild-dns supports TLS Mode for wildcard certificates (which can only wildcard up to first dot):

        10-0-0-1.ip.mydomain.io  resolves to
    www-10-0-0-1.ip.mydomain.io  resolves to
 mysite-10-0-0-1.ip.mydomain.io  resolves to
foo-bar-10-0-0-1.ip.mydomain.io  resolves to

TXT records supports (for letencrypt)

See information about TXT_RECORDS_PATH in go-wild-dns.service


Create NS record for magic-domain:

ip.mydomain.io 	NS 	ns1.ip.mydomain.io

and A record too:

ns1.ip.mydomain.io  A

Now go to the server (assuming you're using systemd-based Linux):

  1. Setup go compiler, build go-wild-dns binary (just run go build), copy binary to /opt/go-wild-dns
  2. Edit go-wild-dns.service: specify your DOMAIN_SUFFIX environment variable. Specify IP of other NS servers if you are using > 1.
  3. cp conf.yaml.example conf.yaml, and modify conf.yaml
  4. mkdir /opt/go-wlid-dns && copy conf.yaml & compiled binary.
  5. Copy go-wild-dns.service to /etc/systemd/system/
  6. systemctl daemon-reload && systemctl enable go-wild-dns && systemctl start go-wild-dns
  7. Allow firewall access to port 53 (UDP)

Now repeat everything for secondary server (optional)

DNS Pecularities

  • No NS / SOA records implemented
  • Returns its own IP as a fallback


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