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const (
	BandFilePattern string = "band_*.js"
	ProfileDir      string = "default"
	ProfileFile     string = "profile.js"


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var (
	ErrInvalidHmac    = errors.New("invalid HMAC")
	ErrInvalidPass    = errors.New("invalid password")
	ErrInvalidVault   = errors.New("invalid vault (%v)")
	ErrUnknownItemCat = errors.New("unknown item category")
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var (
	ItemCategoryEnum = newItemCategoryRegistry()


This section is empty.


type Item

type Item struct {
	Category *ItemCategory
	Created  int64
	Details  string
	Uid      string
	Updated  int64

func NewItem

func NewItem(category *ItemCategory, details, uid string, created, updated int64) *Item

type ItemCategory

type ItemCategory struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*ItemCategory) GetCode

func (ic *ItemCategory) GetCode() string

func (*ItemCategory) GetName

func (ic *ItemCategory) GetName() string

type Keys

type Keys struct {
	DerivedKey  []byte
	DerivedMac  []byte
	MasterKey   []byte
	MasterMac   []byte
	OverviewKey []byte
	OverviewMac []byte

func NewKeys

func NewKeys(derivedKey, derivedMac, masterKey, masterMac, overviewKey, overviewMac []byte) *Keys

type RawItem

type RawItem struct {
	Category string
	Created  int64
	Details  string
	Hmac     string
	Keys     string
	Overview string
	Trashed  bool
	Uid      string
	Updated  int64

func NewRawItem

func NewRawItem(category, details, hmac, keys, overview, uid string, created, updated int64, trashed bool) *RawItem

type SimpleItem

type SimpleItem struct {
	Title string
	Uid   string

func NewSimpleItem

func NewSimpleItem(title, uid string) *SimpleItem

type Vault

type Vault struct {
	Path string

func NewVault

func NewVault(path string) *Vault

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