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Package bundle provides primitives to create and validate bundles.



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var EmptyTransfer = Transfer{
	Message: NullSignatureMessageFragmentTrytes,
	Value:   0,
	Tag:     NullTagTrytes,
	Address: NullAddressWithChecksum,

EmptyTransfer is a transfer with 9s initialized values.


func PadTag

func PadTag(tag Trytes) Trytes

PadTag pads the given trytes up to the length of a tag.

func TailTransactionHash

func TailTransactionHash(bndl Bundle) Hash

TailTransactionHash returns the tail transaction's hash.

func ValidBundle

func ValidBundle(bundle Bundle) error

ValidBundle checks if a bundle is syntactically valid. Validates signatures and overall structure.

func ValidateBundleSignatures

func ValidateBundleSignatures(bundle Bundle) (bool, error)

ValidateBundleSignatures validates all signatures of the given bundle. Use ValidBundle() if you want to validate the overall structure of the bundle and the signatures.


type Bundle

type Bundle = transaction.Transactions

Bundle represents grouped together transactions for creating a transfer.

func AddEntry

func AddEntry(txs Bundle, bndlEntry BundleEntry) Bundle

AddEntry adds a new entry to the bundle. It automatically adds additional transactions if the signature message fragments don't fit into one transaction.

func AddTrytes

func AddTrytes(bndl Bundle, fragments []Trytes, offset int) Bundle

AddTrytes adds the given fragments to the txs in the bundle starting from the specified offset.

func Finalize

func Finalize(bundle Bundle) (Bundle, error)

Finalize finalizes the bundle by calculating and setting the bundle hash. It increments ObsoleteTag until the hash does not contain an M; this serves as a work-around for the so-called M-Bug.

func FinalizeInsecure

func FinalizeInsecure(bundle Bundle) (Bundle, error)

FinalizeInsecure finalizes the bundle by calculating and setting the bundle hash. The bundle finalized with this could be susceptible to the so-called M-Bug, but it is much faster than Finalize. It must only be used for non-value transactions or for value transactions where the private key has been derived in an M-Bug resistant way.

type BundleEntries

type BundleEntries = []BundleEntry

BundleEntries are a slice of BundleEntry.

func TransfersToBundleEntries

func TransfersToBundleEntries(timestamp uint64, transfers ...Transfer) (BundleEntries, error)

TransfersToBundleEntries translates transfers to bundle entries.

type BundleEntry

type BundleEntry struct {
	// The amount of transactions to fulfill this entry.
	Length uint64
	// The address used for this entry.
	Address Hash
	// The value for this entry.
	Value int64
	// The tag for this entry.
	Tag Trytes
	// The timestamp for this entry.
	Timestamp uint64
	// One or multiple signature message fragments.
	SignatureMessageFragments []Trytes

BundleEntry is an object which gets translated into one or multiple transactions when used in conjunction with AddEntry().

type Bundles

type Bundles []Bundle

Bundles are a slice of Bundle.

func GroupTransactionsIntoBundles

func GroupTransactionsIntoBundles(txs transaction.Transactions) Bundles

GroupTransactionsIntoBundles groups the given transactions into groups of bundles. Note that the same bundle can exist in the return slice multiple times, though they are reattachments of the same transfer.

type BundlesByTimestamp

type BundlesByTimestamp Bundles

BundlesByTimestamp are sorted bundles by attachment timestamp.

func (BundlesByTimestamp) Len

func (a BundlesByTimestamp) Len() int


func (BundlesByTimestamp) Less

func (a BundlesByTimestamp) Less(i int, j int) bool


func (BundlesByTimestamp) Swap

func (a BundlesByTimestamp) Swap(i int, j int)


type Transfer

type Transfer struct {
	Address Hash
	Value   uint64
	Message Trytes
	Tag     Trytes

Transfer represents the data/value to transfer to an address.

type Transfers

type Transfers []Transfer

Transfers are a slice of Transfer.

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