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This is a package for creating fake certificate authorities for test fixtures.


package main

import (


func main() {
	// Change defaults for cert subjects.
	fakeca.DefaultProvince = []string{"CO"}
	fakeca.DefaultLocality = []string{"Denver"}

	// Create a root CA.
	root := fakeca.New(fakeca.IsCA, fakeca.Subject(pkix.Name{
		CommonName: "root.myorg.com",

	// Create an intermediate CA under the root.
	intermediate := root.Issue(fakeca.IsCA, fakeca.Subject(pkix.Name{
		CommonName: "intermediate.myorg.com",

	// Create a leaf certificate under the intermediate.
	leaf := intermediate.Issue(fakeca.Subject(pkix.Name{
		CommonName: "leaf.myorg.com",

	// Get PFX (PKCS12) blob containing certificate and encrypted private key.
	leafPFX := leaf.PFX("pa55w0rd")

	// Get an *x509.CertPool containing certificate chain from CA to leaf for use
	// with Go's TLS libraries.
	leafPool := leaf.ChainPool()




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var (
	// DefaultCountry is the default subject Country.
	DefaultCountry = []string{"US"}

	// DefaultProvince is the default subject Province.
	DefaultProvince = []string{"CA"}

	// DefaultLocality is the default subject Locality.
	DefaultLocality = []string{"San Francisco"}

	// DefaultStreetAddress is the default subject StreetAddress.
	DefaultStreetAddress = []string(nil)

	// DefaultPostalCode is the default subject PostalCode.
	DefaultPostalCode = []string(nil)

	// DefaultCommonName is the default subject CommonName.
	DefaultCommonName = "fakeca"


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type Identity

type Identity struct {
	Issuer      *Identity
	PrivateKey  crypto.Signer
	Certificate *x509.Certificate
	NextSN      int64

Identity is a certificate and private key.

func New

func New(opts ...Option) *Identity

New creates a new CA.

func (*Identity) Chain

func (id *Identity) Chain() []*x509.Certificate

Chain builds a slice of *x509.Certificate from this CA and its issuers.

func (*Identity) ChainPool

func (id *Identity) ChainPool() *x509.CertPool

ChainPool builds an *x509.CertPool from this CA and its issuers.

func (*Identity) IncrementSN

func (id *Identity) IncrementSN() int64

IncrementSN returns the next serial number.

func (*Identity) Issue

func (id *Identity) Issue(opts ...Option) *Identity

Issue issues a new Identity with this one as its parent.

func (*Identity) PFX

func (id *Identity) PFX(password string) []byte

PFX wraps the certificate and private key in an encrypted PKCS#12 packet. The provided password must be alphanumeric.

type Option

type Option option

Option is an option that can be passed to New().

var IsCA Option = func(c *configuration) {
	c.isCA = true

IsCA is an Option for making an identity a certificate authority.

func Issuer

func Issuer(value *Identity) Option

Issuer is an Option for setting the identity's issuer.

func IssuingCertificateURL

func IssuingCertificateURL(value ...string) Option

IssuingCertificateURL is an Option for setting the identity's certificate's IssuingCertificateURL.

func KeyUsage added in v0.0.2

func KeyUsage(ku x509.KeyUsage) Option

KeyUsage is an Option for setting the identity's certificate's KeyUsage.

func NextSerialNumber

func NextSerialNumber(value int64) Option

NextSerialNumber is an Option that determines the SN of the next issued certificate.

func NotAfter

func NotAfter(value time.Time) Option

NotAfter is an Option for setting the identity's certificate's NotAfter.

func NotBefore

func NotBefore(value time.Time) Option

NotBefore is an Option for setting the identity's certificate's NotBefore.

func OCSPServer

func OCSPServer(value ...string) Option

OCSPServer is an Option for setting the identity's certificate's OCSPServer.

func PrivateKey

func PrivateKey(value crypto.Signer) Option

PrivateKey is an Option for setting the identity's private key.

func Subject

func Subject(value pkix.Name) Option

Subject is an Option that sets a identity's subject field.

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