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var IgnorePrefix = []string{


func Gopath

func Gopath() string

Gopath gets GOPATH from environment and return the most relevant path.

A GOPATH can contain a colon-separated list of paths. This retrieves the GOPATH and returns only the FIRST ("most relevant") path.

This should be used carefully. If, for example, you are looking for a package, you may be better off using Gopaths.

func Gopaths

func Gopaths() []string

Gopaths retrieves the Gopath as a list when there is more than one path listed in the Gopath.

func HasSrc

func HasSrc(wd string, any bool) bool

func Ignore

func Ignore(wd string) bool

func Name

func Name(wd string) string

Name returns the name of the current package.

func Subpaths

func Subpaths(base string, onlySrc bool) []string

func WhichGopath

func WhichGopath(wd string) string


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