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type ParamChangeJSON

type ParamChangeJSON struct {
	Subspace string          `json:"subspace" yaml:"subspace"`
	Key      string          `json:"key" yaml:"key"`
	Value    json.RawMessage `json:"value" yaml:"value"`

ParamChangeJSON defines a parameter change used in JSON input. This allows values to be specified in raw JSON instead of being string encoded.

func NewParamChangeJSON

func NewParamChangeJSON(subspace, key string, value json.RawMessage) ParamChangeJSON

func (ParamChangeJSON) ToParamChange

func (pcj ParamChangeJSON) ToParamChange() proposal.ParamChange

ToParamChange converts a ParamChangeJSON object to ParamChange.

type ParamChangeProposalJSON

type ParamChangeProposalJSON struct {
	Title       string           `json:"title" yaml:"title"`
	Description string           `json:"description" yaml:"description"`
	Changes     ParamChangesJSON `json:"changes" yaml:"changes"`
	Deposit     string           `json:"deposit" yaml:"deposit"`

ParamChangeProposalJSON defines a ParameterChangeProposal with a deposit used to parse parameter change proposals from a JSON file.

func ParseParamChangeProposalJSON

func ParseParamChangeProposalJSON(cdc *codec.LegacyAmino, proposalFile string) (ParamChangeProposalJSON, error)

ParseParamChangeProposalJSON reads and parses a ParamChangeProposalJSON from file.

type ParamChangesJSON

type ParamChangesJSON []ParamChangeJSON

ParamChangesJSON defines a slice of ParamChangeJSON objects which can be converted to a slice of ParamChange objects.

func (ParamChangesJSON) ToParamChanges

func (pcj ParamChangesJSON) ToParamChanges() []proposal.ParamChange

ToParamChanges converts a slice of ParamChangeJSON objects to a slice of ParamChange.

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