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Package "responses" provides structs to represent the response of Pushbullet HTTP API.



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type Address

type Address struct {

type Checklist

type Checklist struct {

type Device

type Device struct {
	Iden         string  `json:"iden"`
	PushToken    string  `json:"push_token"`
	FinderPrint  string  `jsonL"fingerprint"`
	Nickname     string  `json:"nickname"`
	Manufacturer string  `json:"manufacturer"`
	Type         string  `json:"type"`
	Model        string  `json:"model"`
	AppVersion   int     `json:"app_version"`
	Created      float64 `json:"created"`
	Modified     float64 `json:"modified"`
	Active       bool    `json:"active"`
	Pushable     bool    `json:"pushable"`

type File

type File struct {
type Link struct {

type Note

type Note struct {

type OnBoarding

type OnBoarding struct {
	App       bool `json:"app"`
	Friends   bool `json:"friends"`
	Extension bool `json:"extension"`

type Preferences

type Preferences struct {
	OnBoarding *OnBoarding `json:"onboarding"`
	Social     bool        `json:"social"`

type Push

type Push struct {
	Iden                    string  `json:"iden"`
	Created                 float64 `json:"created"`
	Modified                float64 `json:"modified"`
	Active                  bool    `json:"active"`
	Dismissed               bool    `json:"dismissed"`
	SenderIden              string  `json:"sender_iden"`
	SenderEmail             string  `json:"sender_email"`
	SenderEmailNormalized   string  `json:"sender_email_normalized"`
	RecieverIden            string  `json:"reciever_iden"`
	RecieverEmail           string  `json:"reciever_email"`
	RecieverEmailNormalized string  `json:"reciever_email_normalized"`

type Upload

type Upload struct {
	Data      *UploadData `json:"data"`
	FileName  string      `json:"file_name"`
	FileType  string      `json:"file_type"`
	FileUrl   string      `json:"file_url"`
	UploadUrl string      `json:"upload_url"`

type UploadData

type UploadData struct {
	Acl            string `json:"acl"`
	AwsAccessKeyId string `json:"awsaccesskeyid"`
	ContentType    string `json:"content-type"`
	Key            string `json:"key"`
	Policy         string `json:"policy"`
	Signature      string `json:"signature"`

type User

type User struct {
	Iden            string       `json:"iden"`
	Email           string       `json:"email"`
	EmailNormalized string       `json:"email_normalized"`
	Name            string       `json:"name"`
	ImageUrl        string       `json:"image_url"`
	Created         float64      `json:"created"`
	Modified        float64      `json:"modified"`
	Preferences     *Preferences `json:"preferences"`

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