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type ErrorFederationDisabled

type ErrorFederationDisabled struct {
	Message string

func (*ErrorFederationDisabled) Error

func (e *ErrorFederationDisabled) Error() string

type OutgoingQueues

type OutgoingQueues struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

OutgoingQueues is a collection of queues for sending transactions to other matrix servers

func NewOutgoingQueues

func NewOutgoingQueues(
	db storage.Database,
	process *process.ProcessContext,
	disabled bool,
	origin gomatrixserverlib.ServerName,
	client *gomatrixserverlib.FederationClient,
	rsAPI api.RoomserverInternalAPI,
	statistics *statistics.Statistics,
	signing *SigningInfo,
) *OutgoingQueues

NewOutgoingQueues makes a new OutgoingQueues

func (*OutgoingQueues) RetryServer

func (oqs *OutgoingQueues) RetryServer(srv gomatrixserverlib.ServerName)

RetryServer attempts to resend events to the given server if we had given up.

func (*OutgoingQueues) SendEDU

SendEDU sends an EDU event to the destinations.

func (*OutgoingQueues) SendEvent

SendEvent sends an event to the destinations

type SigningInfo

type SigningInfo struct {
	ServerName gomatrixserverlib.ServerName
	KeyID      gomatrixserverlib.KeyID
	PrivateKey ed25519.PrivateKey

TODO: Move this somewhere useful for other components as we often need to ferry these 3 variables around together

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