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type Message

type Message struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewMessage

func NewMessage() *Message

func (*Message) Accept

func (r *Message) Accept() (message.MediaType, error)

Accept get's accept option.

func (*Message) AddOptionBytes

func (r *Message) AddOptionBytes(opt message.OptionID, value []byte)

func (*Message) AddOptionString

func (r *Message) AddOptionString(opt message.OptionID, value string)

func (*Message) AddOptionUint32

func (r *Message) AddOptionUint32(opt message.OptionID, value uint32)

func (*Message) AddQuery

func (r *Message) AddQuery(query string)

func (*Message) Body

func (r *Message) Body() io.ReadSeeker

func (*Message) BodySize

func (r *Message) BodySize() (int64, error)

func (*Message) Code

func (r *Message) Code() codes.Code

func (*Message) ContentFormat

func (r *Message) ContentFormat() (message.MediaType, error)

func (*Message) ETag

func (r *Message) ETag() ([]byte, error)

func (*Message) GetETag

func (r *Message) GetETag() ([]byte, error)

func (*Message) GetOptionBytes

func (r *Message) GetOptionBytes(id message.OptionID) ([]byte, error)

func (*Message) GetOptionUint32

func (r *Message) GetOptionUint32(id message.OptionID) (uint32, error)

func (*Message) HasOption

func (r *Message) HasOption(id message.OptionID) bool

func (*Message) Hijack

func (r *Message) Hijack()

func (*Message) IsHijacked

func (r *Message) IsHijacked() bool

func (*Message) IsModified

func (r *Message) IsModified() bool

func (*Message) Observe

func (r *Message) Observe() (uint32, error)

func (*Message) Options

func (r *Message) Options() message.Options

func (*Message) ReadBody

func (r *Message) ReadBody() ([]byte, error)

func (*Message) Remove

func (r *Message) Remove(opt message.OptionID)

func (*Message) Reset

func (r *Message) Reset()

Reset clear message for next reuse

func (*Message) ResetOptionsTo

func (r *Message) ResetOptionsTo(in message.Options)

func (*Message) Sequence

func (r *Message) Sequence() uint64

func (*Message) SetAccept

func (r *Message) SetAccept(contentFormat message.MediaType)

SetAccept set's accept option.

func (*Message) SetBody

func (r *Message) SetBody(s io.ReadSeeker)

func (*Message) SetCode

func (r *Message) SetCode(code codes.Code)

func (*Message) SetContentFormat

func (r *Message) SetContentFormat(contentFormat message.MediaType)

func (*Message) SetETag

func (r *Message) SetETag(value []byte)

func (*Message) SetModified

func (r *Message) SetModified(b bool)

func (*Message) SetObserve

func (r *Message) SetObserve(observe uint32)

func (*Message) SetOptionBytes

func (r *Message) SetOptionBytes(opt message.OptionID, value []byte)

func (*Message) SetOptionString

func (r *Message) SetOptionString(opt message.OptionID, value string)

func (*Message) SetOptionUint32

func (r *Message) SetOptionUint32(opt message.OptionID, value uint32)

func (*Message) SetPath

func (r *Message) SetPath(p string)

func (*Message) SetSequence

func (r *Message) SetSequence(seq uint64)

func (*Message) SetToken

func (r *Message) SetToken(token message.Token)

func (*Message) String

func (r *Message) String() string

func (*Message) Token

func (r *Message) Token() message.Token

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