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type AllGenerator

type AllGenerator struct {
	ID       int64    `json:"id"`
	Host     string   `json:"host"`
	State    string   `json:"state"`
	Projects []string `json:"projects"`

AllGenerator - struct for response all generators data

type AllHost

type AllHost struct {
	ID       int64    `json:"id"`
	Host     string   `json:"host"`
	Type     string   `json:"type`
	User     string   `json:user`
	State    string   `json:"state,omitempty"`
	Projects []string `json:"projects"`

AllHost - struct for response all hosts data

type AllProjects

type AllProjects struct {
	ID     int64  `json:"id"`
	Name   string `json:"name"`
	Status string `json:"status"`

AllProjects - struct for response all Projects data

type AllRoles

type AllRoles struct {
	ID   int64  `json:"id"`
	Name string `json:"name"`

AllRoles struct for return all roles

type AllScenario

type AllScenario struct {
	ID           int64  `json:"id"`
	Name         string `json:"name"`
	Type         string `json:"type"`
	Gun          string `json:"gun"`
	LastModified string `json:"lastmodified"`
	Projects     string `json:"projects"`
	TreadGroups  string `json:"params"`

AllScenario - struct for return all scenario

type AllService

type AllService struct {
	ID       int64    `json:"id"`
	Name     string   `json:"name"`
	Host     string   `json:"host"`
	Port     string   `json:"uri"`
	Type     string   `json:"type"`
	Projects []string `json:"projects"`

AllService - struct for return all service

type AllServiceBinType

type AllServiceBinType struct {
	ID   int64  `json:"id"`
	Type string `json:"type"`

AllServiceBinType - struct for return all type servicebins

type AllServiceBinsByOwner

type AllServiceBinsByOwner struct {
	Owner    string        `json:"owner"`
	Services []ServicesBin `json:"services"`

AllServiceBinsByOwner - struct for return all servicebins, sort by owner

type AllServiceBinsNoSort

type AllServiceBinsNoSort struct {
	ID           int64    `json:"id"`
	Name         string   `json:"name"`
	Type         string   `json:"type"`
	RunSTR       string   `json:"runstr"`
	Owner        string   `json:"owner"`
	LastModified string   `json:"lastmodified"`
	Projects     []string `json:"projects"`

AllServiceBinsNoSort - struct for return all servicebins, no sotr

type AllUser

type AllUser struct {
	ID       int64    `json:id`
	User     string   `json:user`
	Password string   `json:password,omitempty`
	Role     string   `json:role`
	Projects []string `json:"projects"`

AllUser - struct for response all users data

type PGClient

type PGClient interface {
	GetLastRunID() (runID int64, err error)
	GetNewRunID() (runID int64, err error)
	SetStartTest(testName string, testType string) error
	SetStopTest(runID string) error
	NewServiceBin(name string, typeService string, runSTR string, own string, projects []string) (err error)
	UpdateServiceBin(id int64, runSTR string, projects []string) (err error)
	DeleteServiceBin(id int64) (err error)
	GetAllServiceBinsNoSort(projectIDs []string) (*[]AllServiceBinsNoSort, error)
	GetAllServiceBinsByOwner(projectIDs []string) (*[]AllServiceBinsByOwner, error)
	GetAllServiceBinsType() (*[]AllServiceBinType, error)

	NewService(name string, host string, uri string, typeService string, runSTR string, projects []string, owner string) (err error)
	GetAllServices() (*[]AllService, error)
	GetLastServiceID() (ID int64, err error)
	GetProjectServices(project string) (*[]AllService, error)
	UpdateServiceWithRunSTR(id int64, name string, host string, uri string, typeTest string, runSTR string) (err error)
	UpdateServiceWithOutRunSTR(id int64, name string, host string, uri string, typeTest string) error
	UpdatetServiceProjects(id int64, projects []string) error
	DeleteService(id int64) (err error)
	NewScenario(name string, typeTest string, gun string, projects string, params string) error
	CheckScenario(name string, gun string, projects string) (res bool, err error)
	GetAllScenarios() (*[]AllScenario, error)
	GetLastScenarioID() (ID int64, err error)
	GetScenarioName(id int64) (res string, err error)
	UpdateScenario(id int64, name string, typeTest string, gun string, projects string, params string) (err error)
	DeleteScenario(id int64) (err error)
	GetAllGenerators() ([]AllHost, error)
	GetLastGeneratorsID() (ID int64, err error)
	GetAllHosts() ([]AllHost, error)
	GetAllHostsWithProject(project string) ([]AllHost, error)
	HostIfExist(ip string) (bool, error)
	NewHost(ip string, user string, hostType string, projects []string) (err error)
	UpdateHost(id int64, ip string, hostType string, user string) (err error)
	DeleteHost(id int64) (err error)
	UpdatetHostProjects(id int64, projects []string) error
	GetUsersAndHosts() (map[string]string, error)
	GetUserToHost(ip string) (user string, err error)
	GetUserIDAndRole(user string) (id int64, role string, err error)
	GetUserProjects(userID int64) (projects []string, err error)
	GetProjectsIDtoString(projects []string) (ids []string, err error)
	GetProjectsIDtoInt(projects []string) (ids []int, err error)
	GetProjectName(id int64) (projectName string, err error)

	GetUserHash(user string) (hash string, err error)                              //
	GetUserPasswordExp(user string) (exp string, err error)                        //
	GetAllUsers() ([]AllUser, error)                                               //
	NewUser(users string, password string, role string, projects []string) error   //
	GetUserRoleAndProject(user string) (role string, projects []string, err error) //
	UpdateUser(id int64, role string) error                                        //
	DeleteUser(user int64) (err error)                                             //
	ChangeUserPassword(id int64, password string) (err error)                      //
	UpdatetUserProjects(user int64, projects []string) error                       //
	GetAllProjects() ([]AllProjects, error)
	NewProject(project string) (err error)
	UpdateProject(id int64, project string, status string) (err error)
	DeleteProject(id int64) (err error)
	NewRole(role string) (err error)
	UpdateRole(id int64, role string) (err error)
	DeleteRole(id int64) (err error)
	GetAllRoles() ([]AllRoles, error)

PGClient - postgres client impl

type SSHClient

type SSHClient interface {
	Run(target string, str string) error
	RunNoWait(target string, str string) error
	Ping(target string) (res bool, err error)
	SCP(target, filePath, destinationPath string) error
	CombinedOutput(target string, str string) ([]byte, error)
	InstallServiceToRemoteHost(serviceType string, name string, target string, archType string) (err error)
	DeleteServiceFromRemoteHost(serviceType string, name string, target string) (err error)

SSHClient - ssh package impl

type ServicesBin

type ServicesBin struct {
	ID           int64    `json:"id"`
	Name         string   `json:"name"`
	Type         string   `json:"type"`
	RunSTR       string   `json:"runstr"`
	LastModified string   `json:"lastmodified"`
	Projects     []string `json:"projects"`

ServicesBin - substruct for AllServiceBinsByOwner


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